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  1. Official OpenVX 1.0 provisional specification feedback thread
  2. Searching for OpenVX headers
  3. Reference implementation
  4. Graph fileformat
  5. OpenVX roadmap
  6. Some questions about condition of using OpenVX
  7. Order of accumulate side effect
  8. Some questions about OpenVX
  9. Regarding the filter ksize.
  10. What are the differences or advantages of OpenVX compared with OpenCV?
  11. Regarding the samle imlementation
  12. The scale value Custom convolution kernel
  13. Area interpolation
  14. @emrainey Could please provide any approaches to compile OpenVX for android?
  15. Interpolation strategies for Image Pyramid ORB.
  16. Official OpenVX 1.0 specification feedback thread
  17. Supplying new images to existing graphs
  18. Getting started with compiling and running an OpenVX application
  19. Purpose of Delay objects
  20. Sample implementation
  21. Execution Path of Graph.
  22. Has the sample implementation been released?
  23. Are there any code samples to work with OpenCV + OpenVX?
  24. Kernel parameters / data types
  25. Failed to generate VS solution for windows, anyone can help on?
  26. Some Problem of the output file (*.bw *.pgm)
  27. Build issues with android build of OpenVX Sample Implementation Example
  28. Business Model
  29. Official OpenVX 1.0.1 specification feedback thread
  30. Best way to process camera frames
  31. OpenVX 1.0.1 Sample Implementation Issue
  32. OPENVX on FPGA
  33. issues on compiling OpenVX Code
  34. vxCreateImage state of new image
  35. Why does the specification contain concrete Base Vision Functions?
  36. Errors in vx_test
  37. Khronos Releases OpenVX 1.1 Specification
  38. Macros to inline functions
  39. Image rotation
  40. How to extract image data from vx_image?
  41. Use of map/unmap API
  42. Facing issues while setting the graph parameters
  43. How to feed/access stream of images to/from the already existing OpenVX graph?
  44. Image stitching using currently available OpenVX Kernels
  45. tutorial_exercise
  46. OpenVX Neural Network Extension Feedback
  47. how to use vxAddUserKernel
  48. Sample code of OpenVX 1.1 still contain deprecated API of OpenVX1.0.1
  49. Github for OpenVX
  50. Difference in calling OpenCL and OpenVx from OpenCV
  51. [Error] Failed to allocate image at node
  52. OpenVx API vxCreateImageFromHandle behaviour for Types of memory allocated from app
  53. Tutorial / reference implementation using OpenVX CNN extension
  54. How to use vxuHistogram()
  55. Drawing shapes and contours with ARM cortex M4 series!
  56. OpenVX scale does not work
  57. Error: vx_tensor and VX_TYPE_TENSOR undeclared when installing OPENVX tuorial package
  58. How to install OpenVX Tutorial on a Linux PC with no GPU Card
  59. How to perform floating point computing on matrix with OpenVX?
  60. Visual Studio build failure for OpenVX 1.2 sample implementation
  61. Is Runtime scheduling to different Hardware possible using OpenVx ?
  62. Whether data tunneling is possible within nodes in OpenVx graph ?
  63. kernel of openvx
  64. object Detection
  65. Register two user kernel in same context
  66. useing Threshold node
  67. use openvx framework in hardware
  68. Display openvx image
  69. How to work with OpenCV application based on OpenVX API
  70. Best way to process camera frames
  71. How to install openVX on ubuntu virtual box
  72. HOG function inquiry
  73. Inconsistent output in Warp affine kernel
  74. How to acheive multigraph context management and multi device in openvx
  75. RFQ for OpenVX Implementation on the Raspberry Pi Platform - Deadline Jan 15