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  1. Official Vulkan Feedback: API for High-efficiency Graphics and Compute on GPUs
  2. Vulkan: for beginners?
  3. Will Vulkan effectively "replace" OpenGL or not?
  4. Layering APIs on top of Vulkan
  5. Vulkan Book
  6. Will the Vulkan syntax be similar to OpenGL?
  7. Deterministic Frame Rate Capabilities?
  8. Will Vulkan have an XML api spec.
  9. Early access to Vulkan API
  10. Was anything announced at CES?
  11. NVIDIA has included vulkan support in 358.66. Is there a way to use it?
  12. Khronos Releases Vulkan 1.0 Specification
  13. NVIDIA Vulkan drivers now available for Linux, Windows, Android
  14. VK_ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_DRIVER when running vulkaninfo.exe on AMD R9 280
  15. [question] smallpt on Vulkan API?
  16. State of Vulkan Drivers
  17. Is programmable blending with order-independent transparency possible with Vulkan?
  18. Vulkan and bindless
  19. Copy between devices
  20. Point clipping is wrong.
  21. Vulkan data sharing?!
  22. vkAcquireNextImageKHR fence?
  23. Vulkan development in Virtual Box
  24. Driver bug feedback / reporting - where to go?
  25. SPIR-V and Metal?
  27. Questions about SDK triangle demo
  28. SDL and Vulkan
  29. VK_FORMAT : BGR or RGB
  30. Storage Image operations and Transfer usage bits.
  31. Uniform Buffer Memory Barriers
  32. Memory leak when destroying textures
  33. Why no Conservative Rasterization in Vulkan?
  34. Some good practices for Vulkan rendering
  35. Vulkan feedback (my experiences with the API and ecosystem)
  36. Missing features: Transform Feedback and Spir-V DrawID ?
  37. Features vs. Extensions: where does the line get drawn?
  38. S3TC BC1 compression layout / Using linear image layout for compressed images
  39. "readPixels" on vulkan
  40. Presentation and Barrier : pre presentation
  41. Help to understand command buffer.
  42. How create big buffer in Vulkan vertex shader ?
  43. Vulkan Print Info
  44. MSAA in Vulkan API. How difficult it is to implement ?
  45. How vkCreateSwapchainKHR from Image ? Not from surface.
  46. Render to texture without vkCmdBlitImage.
  47. Vulkan API FullScreen.
  48. Vulkan and textures
  49. vkCmdResolveImage example
  50. Presenting Directly to Display Devices.
  51. Getting average color of an image
  52. Conservative Rasterization
  53. Render pass dependencies and conditional execution
  54. Reading depth image memory from host?
  55. Vulkan API and Xeon Phi - it's possible?
  56. Confused about image memory barriers
  57. Problems with vkCmdCopyImage into swapchain
  58. Device time
  59. Push constants
  60. Using size_t instead of uint32_t when referring to containers size.
  61. MSAA Depth / DepthStencil resolve
  62. Best way to transfer Uniform Buffer Objects to the Shaders?
  63. OpenGL coordinate system to Vulkan (Perspective Matrix)
  64. vulkan api version problem
  65. Which matrix order, handedness and Z range expects Vulkan?
  66. Device memory
  67. vkAcquireNextImageKHR extremely slow?
  68. Vulkan api python bindings
  69. Vulkan.pas - Vulkan Header for Delphi and FreePascal
  70. subpassLoad() returning black
  71. vkCreateGraphicPipeline stuck
  72. Basic Vulkan Tutorial
  73. Timestamp query result never available?
  74. Most common Vulkan mistakes vs. the world.
  75. Feedback Loops and render passes
  76. vkDestroyDevice fails
  77. My understanding on pipeline stages.
  78. PasVulkan - Vulkan header for Object Pascal, supporting all Vulkan OS targets
  79. Question about Command Buffers and Command Pools
  80. Can't read from a 3D texture in Vulkan
  81. Why Vulkan API so slow ?! Dota 2 work faster on OpenGL !
  82. Bind dynamic data in primary command buffer for use in secondary command buffer?
  83. Disturbed Descriptor Sets
  84. Recording Command Buffers every frame slow as hell
  85. What is the purpose of queueCount inside VkDeviceQueueCreateInfo?
  86. Best way to render with viewfrustum-culling?
  87. Oddball memory setups.
  88. Mipmapping in vulkan
  89. Share GPU memory between Vulkan and OpenGL
  90. Which Vulkan implementations really care about image layouts?
  91. SPIRV - automatic uniform detection?
  92. Swapchain display only image #0
  93. Problem with instance.
  94. Framebuffer Gamma - OpenGL vs. Vulkan
  95. Uniform array, with each element using a different binding point?
  96. Problems on NVIDIA - System
  97. UBO bindings to different stages
  98. Vulkan (vs.)? MultiDrawIndirect
  99. Understaing per-object resources
  100. Why so many versions installed via AMD driver upgrades?
  101. Texture Array from Variable Texture Sizes
  102. My example work on AMD but not on NVIDIA
  103. Occlusion Query Viability - How much CPU is necessary
  104. Intel TuT 4 uses a SubpassDependency but why?
  105. Understanding shader input/output locations
  106. Understanding graphics pipeline regarding to color blend state
  107. Why need create framebuffers for swapchain count images ?
  108. Syncing secondary command buffer with another secondary command buffer
  109. Integer division by zero when creating graphics pipeline
  110. Need call vkGetDeviceProcAddr for vkAcquireNextImageKHR and vkQueuePresentKHR ?
  111. Vulkan Triangle Code not working.
  112. Cannot link due to undefined references
  113. Strang animation on XP NVIDIA 720
  114. How draw in multi thread ?
  115. Questions about PushConstants
  116. Texture2D
  117. Understanding the bottlenecks of vulkan
  118. Object-Stuttering
  119. Ray picking IntersectTriangle.
  120. vulkan-tutorial.com type app which hangs on linux nVidia K600
  121. Sampling depth_stencil texture
  122. Why Vulkan load slow resources ? Textures\Meshes
  123. Vulkan utility library
  124. Understand Vulkan Clipping
  125. Issue moving exclusive image ownership between queue families and synchronization
  126. dwn.exe behaves crazy / High cpu usage
  127. vkCmdDrawIndirect.
  128. radeon performance dropped on recent driver
  129. MaxAllocationCount per heap or global?
  130. Num Vertex Attributes & Passing array of samplers to the FS
  131. Shadow Swimming Problem
  132. Strange things in animation vertex shader. AMD HD 7950
  133. Secondary command buffer granularity
  134. How about ShaderEditor for Vulkan shaders ? PVRShaderEditor good solution ?
  135. Framebuffer-attachment is being cleared, but not drawn to
  136. Wow ! I recompile vertex shader Sascha Willems for skeletal animation and bug !
  137. Understanding subpass/memory dependencies
  138. Spread work across multiple (different) queues
  139. Vulkan not support 16 bit index for mesh ?
  140. Render Passes and Sub Passes
  141. vulkan-tutorial performance on linux nvidia
  142. VK_MEMORY_PROPERTY_HOST_CACHED_BIT what does this exactly mean?
  143. Implicit Ordering & Synchronisation
  144. Renderpass clearing issue
  145. How set blending ?
  146. Vulkan shader did support functions and i not found mix(GLSL)
  147. In sources VulkanSDK\\glslang i see HLSL. Its mean glslangValidator HLSL ?
  148. vkEnumerateInstanceExtensions exception
  149. How create two pipeline with blend and without ?
  150. getting VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY during vkCreateInstance on surface pro 4
  151. What are the advantages of secondary command buffers?
  152. Vulkan maximum image size ?
  153. Question about vkUpdateDescriptorSets
  154. VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo - Renderpass compatibility question
  155. Rendering to Layered Texture using Subpasses?
  156. MultiDrawIndirect vs Instancing
  157. Branching in compute kernels
  158. Subpasses Multiple Attachments & Textures
  159. Pipeline cache question
  160. Confirmation regarding swap chain resizing
  161. vkQueuePresentKHR() error
  162. Question about Tessellation Levels
  163. Vulkan Instance Creation getting Failed
  164. Snappy performance 2-3 years out - 3D display with standard interactive form widgets
  165. Checking status codes of VkHpp functions
  166. Physical device twice
  167. Hello Triangle : subpass dependency
  168. Poor multithreading performance compared to DX12
  169. Why does my vulkan instance have no any validation layers?
  170. Any simple examples of Vulkan layers?
  171. Render multiple meshes with one VBO
  172. Strange Artifact on NVIDIA hardware
  173. Memory Management : One buffer
  174. Pipeline stage enum enhancement proposition
  175. anyway to specify descriptor set's set value when creating pipeline layout
  176. Descriptor pool, Descriptor set, texture?
  177. How to improve performance of swapchain recreation after resize?
  178. How to identify memory leaks in driver?
  179. error in drawing iteration
  180. Random crashes on vkCmdBeginRenderPass
  181. VK_PRESENT_MODE_FIFO_KHR does not work on NVIDIA Laptop
  182. When CPU call vkCmdDrawIndirect did not CPU wait when GPU finish draw ?
  183. Using the Stencil Test
  184. FreeGlut for Vulkan
  185. Input Attachments - reading random location? Read/Write in same pass?
  186. vkCmdDrawIndexed firstIndex calculating in bytes ?
  187. When to update Uniform-Buffers on the GPU
  188. How stole image from SwapChainImages ?
  189. colors are additive...
  190. Does Vulkan grant the correct rendering of the queues or is necesary to sync them?
  191. Why MSAA in DX 11 faster then in Vulkan API ?
  192. Load Distribution and Storage Buffer Performance?
  193. Updating uniforms via staging?
  194. Bachelor-Thesis about Vulkan in german
  195. NVIDIA show example vkCmdProcessCommandsNVX. But in VK spec 1.0.33 not found this !
  196. BSOD error when shut down vulkan windows
  197. Issues with vertex input attributes
  198. Compile GLSL to SPIR-V
  199. Directx 7 support direct draw in video memory. How about Vulkan ?
  200. "VK_KHR_display" not present!
  201. Application hangs when switching from SSBO to UBO
  202. Multipass rendering & triple buffering memory consumption
  203. Vulkan property enumeration: Should we loop and, if so, should we delay?
  204. vertex buffer, index buffer and offset
  205. Memory leaks in vulkan
  206. Vulkan on Intel Graphics card
  207. KHR - definition
  208. User defined WorkGroup sizes in Vulkan Compute shaders
  209. Vulkan on OS Android- Error message: Could not find a GPU with Vulkan support!
  210. DOOM Multiplayer flickering on Radeon R9 GPU and later when using TSSAA (8TX)
  211. Did we get exclusive full screen mode in Vulkan ?
  212. Sascha Willems did you planed write supersampling MSAA ? Like NVIDIA example.
  213. clearing multiple depth attachments
  214. How to check if vulkan drivers are installed? (C++)
  215. Validation error on attemp to use vkCmdCopyImage
  216. What's the best way to retrieve the rendered result?
  217. A strange problem
  218. Render textures with full alpha-components correct
  219. Why does VkMapMemory give a pointer to a pointer?
  220. Performance of Non-Power-of-2 Textures
  221. Drawing to Image from Compute Shader - Example ?
  222. Queue Performance Interdependency
  223. Alpha Misunderstanding?
  224. Vulkan Synchronization (Best practices, Common & Exotic Application, vs. OpenGL)
  225. Grab resources of another application, from GPU video memory using Vulkan API.
  226. VkPipeline usage
  227. Vulkan + GLFW Fullscreen mode have “blink” when exit or switch to desktop
  228. Compute Shader Reduction
  229. OpenCL vs. Vulkan Compute
  230. Rendering normals
  231. Invalid vertex program header
  232. Dont found physical device count
  233. Error creating descriptor pool with VK_LAYER_LUNARG_core_validation turned on
  234. vkCmdBindDescriptorSets sizeof pDynamicOffsets[0]
  235. Vulkan atomic counters
  236. Transparency not working...
  237. Surface lost in release build?
  238. What is the lifetime of Vulkan objects passed to create functions?
  239. Render pass dependencies issue
  240. Error when sampling with seperate sampler and texture
  241. shaderc_combined.lib
  242. New GPU render method.
  243. Optimizing uniform buffers
  244. Pooling memory for images
  245. F'Asm + Vulkan API, Win32Surface return 0x1 but KHR surface invalid
  246. Directx12 ExecuteIndirect equivalent
  247. A pile of technical GPU questions, sorry :)
  248. Abysmal performance - How to find cause?
  249. What does vkUpdateDescriptorSets exactly do?
  250. How to step through Validation-Layers in VS15?