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  1. Retrieving average 32F depth buffer value
  2. Front faces, back faces and edge-on faces
  3. webgl rotate texture on the face of cube around itself
  4. Render to Far Plane (gl_Position.z = 1)
  5. glBlitFramebuffer of GL_DEPTH_STENCIL_ATTACHMENT is not working
  6. Why shouldn't I use Immediate Mode for 2D?
  7. Stencil Buffer after resizing
  8. OpenGL drawing lines using mouse pointer
  9. Problem getting shadow mapping to work correctly
  10. SSBO alignment question
  11. Problem going from 2D texture to 2D texture array
  12. glColor4f fails to set color
  13. How to know a particular vertex location is visible
  14. Projection
  15. Multisampling Sample Positions > 4
  16. Copy Crop of Multisample Texture , alpha to coverage
  17. Memory-eating FBO bug on Intel graphics cards?
  18. Effects of driver-sided program re-linking
  19. How to use a color texture to store a depth map for Variance shadow mapping
  20. How do i give an offset into a persistently mapped Uniform Buffer efficiently?
  21. Uniform buffer objects
  22. How to efficiently work with the GPU with OpenGL?
  23. Register Max count
  24. glDrawElementsInstanced not working, what am I doing wrong?
  25. YUV video data to RGB converstion in Qt
  26. Using Shaders Efficiently
  27. Best method to check if a function is available
  28. Transform Feedback: batch several feedbacks together
  29. multiDrawIndirect drawbacks?
  30. opengl , octrees and vbos
  31. OpenGL ES 3.x Manpage bug: glFramebufferRenderbuffer return type incorrect?
  32. Ray Picking vertices
  33. Vertex attributes - separated components
  34. Shadow mapping, need help with framebuffer
  35. Deferred PBR materials
  36. How to define OpenGL camera movement using MFC OnKeyDown and OnKeyPress..??
  37. Memory leak during shadow mapping pass is driving me insane!
  38. What is Batch Rendering?
  39. Clearing DEPTH_COMPONENT of type UNSIGNED_SHORT in gles2 using OES_depth_texture
  40. glGetTexImage yields slanted image with wrong content (no GL_(UN)PACK_ALIGNMENT!)
  41. Very odd problem with Reflection vector
  42. Minor OpenGL ES 3.2 spec bug/question re: glDispatchCompute
  43. Odd reflection problem occurs yet again!
  44. Discontinuous ray casting through 3D texture
  45. Re-create FBO (frame buffer object) each frame
  46. glMapBuffer(...) returns null pointer if another application occupied first 32G ram
  47. OpenGL Voxel Engine chunks won't render
  48. Pixel-based effects and screen DPI dependency
  49. Optimal Texture Transfer Formats and GL_BGRA
  50. REV external formats
  51. is this GPU hang?
  52. Calculating Normals analytically (Jacobian Matrix?)
  53. Removing hidden edges
  54. Using Shader Buffer Objects with Double or Triple Buffering
  55. Using bitfieldInsert() to pack flags into G-Buffer
  56. Questions about Deferred shading and its implications for shadows and lighting
  57. how to conditional render different mesh LODs
  58. imageStore on RGB formats
  59. Understanding of GL_CLAMP_TO_*
  60. Separated Shader Objects : not declared in input from next stage.
  61. Would it be acceptable to use texture as a blob of data for armature transformation?
  62. Mesh simplification & decimation algorithms
  63. Compound shadows
  64. VentureReality Engine v0.1 alpha preview.
  65. Vertex shader in program 2 is being recompiled based on GL state
  66. Wicked GLsync? or I am expecting TOO much?
  67. ARB_bindless_texture on AMD 7970
  68. how to render the edges smoother?
  69. How to store a texture in memory and render a small portion of it
  70. Manual glGenerateMipMap generation in C++
  71. Mouse picking with OpenGL
  72. Depth buffer doesnt work when using Multisampled Antialiasing
  73. OpenGL UBO performance issue XOR fence sync problem
  74. Approach to fill a line_strip in openGL
  75. Attempting to convert code from Fixed Function Pipeline to Programmable
  76. VAO, IBO, VBO, vertex-attributes, uniform variables, program objects --- how workie?
  77. Trouble with Gerstner Waves Normals
  78. Black screen on embedded board
  79. Per-sample operation performance problem for deferred shading with MSAA
  80. Framebuffer outputs black on resize
  81. glViewPort and Framebuffer
  82. how to implement bindless textures efficiently ???
  83. Async buffer copies from fbo->pbo, am I doing it wrong?
  84. Low framerate during first seconds.
  85. SSAO halo artifact induced by blurring
  86. Nurbs Surface of a dynamically list of vertexes
  87. Clear a single cubemap in a cubemap Array
  88. How to draw a texture using glDrawTexiOES?
  89. Is their any equivalent of glDrawTexiOES (OES_draw_texture) under opengl 2.0?
  90. Relationship between gl_FragDepth and fixed function depth test?
  91. Does OpenGL/GLES has a default vertex attribute format?
  92. How to use VAO with OpenCSG library
  93. Question about Tessellation Control Shader
  94. Depth testing in sprite based game with transparency
  95. Cost of using functions instead of a variable
  96. Question about FBX/ASSIMP - skeletal animation
  97. glDrawTransformFeedback() outputs only the first captured primitive
  98. Why does my terrain have strange line segments?
  99. (GL 4.6) How to write parameter buffer from shaders?
  100. How can I control my Tessellation factors?
  101. Why is my Geometry Shader meshes moving when I move my camera?
  102. coordinates of the vectors that made up shadow
  103. Disabling Texture filtering completely in Modern Opengl
  104. Can you use sampler2D and sampler2DShadow on the same texture?
  105. Trying to Create an OpenGL ES Context on Windows (HELP)
  106. Deferred Rendering Optimization: keep a copy of buffers for objects that don't move?
  107. Lighting ring artifact!
  108. Closed-loop FBO operation, practical application
  109. make game
  110. Compute Shader Performance Issues
  111. How to do optimized segmented rendering of Background and Foreground objects ?
  112. GLSL line rendering is slower than fix function.
  113. Convert GL_UNSIGNED_INT_24_8 packed depth stencil to float depth
  114. glBufferData just one time at start
  115. Performance question: Switch shaders, or use empty texture
  116. Is glTF 2.0 a good format?
  117. Compound shadows
  118. strategy for glMakeTextureHandleNonResidentARB(...)
  119. "uninitialized value" error
  120. ProgramBinary on Intel HD 4000
  121. Sampling Depth Buffer returns only Zero!
  122. Best solution for dealing with multiple light types
  123. Multiview framebuffer targets
  124. Draw line with polygon in opengl
  125. Shadow mapping & deferred rendering problem
  126. Normal Mapping with TBN Matrix does not work properly (yet)
  127. Convert a 3D textured mesh to a colored 3D (color per vertex)
  128. Slipt edges as smooth transition between objects
  129. Framebuffer
  130. Streaming several (YUV) videos using OpenGL
  131. glxSwapBuffers and glxMakeCurrent when streaming to multiple X windowses
  132. Reading pixel intensities from a displayed image
  133. Updating a texture in the background / slow upload?
  134. Undersampled 3D texture when zooming
  135. Index Buffer / Shadow Index Buffer ... don't understand the code:
  136. Drawing a curve over a curved surface
  137. General questions regarding persistently-mapped buffers
  138. Alpha Value
  139. Am I missing something with ESM?
  140. Blending not yielding the results as expected, trying to make images overlap...
  141. Multithreaded Texture downloading issue
  142. Framebuffer
  143. Cutout blending with minimum passes
  144. Transform feedback tutorial, not getting the desired output?
  145. Gizmo Library for OpenGL
  146. How to render to a subsection of a cubemap array?
  147. OpenGLES 3.1 - transform feedback vs. compute shaders
  148. Primitive Restart Index inside Geometry Shaders / How to detect?
  149. How to render to render to a 3D texture to voxelize a given subsection of the scene?
  150. Deferred lighting, light volumes and hard edges
  151. glBlitFramebuffer() from (or to) specific texture layer
  152. "VBO discarded". Most part of VBO overridden with 0 (zeroes).
  153. Handling sub-views in a deferred renderer
  154. OpenML - compile on xcode
  155. Something Gone Wrong!
  156. Adaptive trimmed NURBS tessellation
  157. OpenGL Performance is rather poor
  158. Question about GPU-CPU Sync, also unrelated question about multithreading
  159. best way to store a massive amount of data available to a shader pogrom
  160. Best way to effectively disard fragments
  161. Methodology rending large amount of objects openGL
  162. avoid tearing effect in a camera acquisition project
  163. Still having problems with calling glTransformFeedbackVaryings
  164. Dual source blending?!
  165. Tips for programming easily-Portable OpenGL 3.3 code?
  166. Deferred Shading versus Deferred Lighting
  167. Parsing an OBJ file to add triangles to a Bullet Physics Triangle Mesh
  168. Transform Feedback and Instanced Arrays
  169. Infinite Menu (Perspective) Wall
  170. MSAA FBO with depth -> not working
  171. Use of Pixel Buffer Objects with multithreading
  172. Lod caculation for this shader
  173. Getting Worldspace Coordinates from Stored Coordinates
  174. Write Fragdepth to FBO
  175. Issues sending texture to compute shader
  177. Bindless textures without NV_gpu_shader5 possible without gl_drawID?
  178. Poor Performance with Point Light rendering in a Deferred Rendering pipeline?
  179. Rendering voxelized scene into a 3D texture
  180. Multi-Texture Terrain
  181. Optimizing cascaded shadow mapping
  182. Texture updates not appearing for 1 frame?
  183. Does swapping VBOs cause CPU : GPU Sync?
  184. MD5mesh smooth normal calculation
  185. Layered rendering FBO
  186. fract() and mipmapping. How would I solve this?
  187. Creating an OpenGL context for use with > 2.1 core
  188. Can OpenGL and WebGL share a set of bindings?
  189. Deferred shading implementation
  190. Win 10 OpenGL
  191. How to best deal with colors and normals
  192. glGenTextures() lags when vsync is enabled
  193. Provide GL state for shader precompilation in order to prevent minor hickups.
  194. Doubts about GlTexGenfv
  195. Most efficient way to render into a 3D texture
  196. Animating Model with Rotation About Single Axis
  197. Use many little Textures or one big?
  198. Select points with mouse in 2D space?
  199. Faces with more than 3 vertices
  200. Depth Testing not working on AMD cards
  201. Access mipmap of a samplerCubeShadow in GLSL
  202. Implementing Texture Arrays
  203. Why sometimes the matrices in an UBO are transposed in Intel GPUs?
  204. Gemotry Pass to cullin & Transform Feeedback Buffers
  205. Use a texture to store information from fragment AND/OR vertex shader (Random write)
  206. Pixelwise occlusion detection in Opengl
  207. Blit two textures
  208. proper forum for ...
  209. NVIDIA Mesh Shading
  210. Is it possible for OpenCL to obtain a pointer to the OpenGL backbuffer for a window?
  211. How to implement cascade shadowmapping
  212. Multiple Render Targets and MSAA framebuffer
  213. Supporting 30 Bit Color monitors (10 bpc)
  214. PNG image overlay on PBO texture/quad while retaining transparency
  215. GL_POINT_SPRITE_COORD_ORIGIN performance on current hardware
  216. Using glViewportArray for stereoscopic rendering on AMD cards
  217. Is uber shader with if statements still bad practice?
  218. Draw texture without perspective on mesh with perspective depth
  219. clCreateFromGLBuffer crash
  220. Minimal Instanced Tiled Map With Focus On Performance (i.e. Dwarf Fortress)
  221. Accessing Win32 window on two threads = massive slowdown
  222. Strange error when copying texture to fbo
  223. PBO + glCompressedTexImage2D async is slow (DXT)
  224. Texture buffers are much slower than uniform buffers
  225. Drawing to large bitmap with OpenGL
  226. Best way to sort of transparent particles into GPU without CPU using GS pass?
  227. OpenGL 3 and tessellation
  228. retrieve opencl platform that match the opengl one
  229. The parallel capability of modern GPUs with openGL
  230. Unexpected performance results about instance and using indirect buffers
  231. PBO+mipmap DXT, reusing texture ID handler
  232. Layered rendering cubemap
  233. Is there a way before GL_ARB_program_interface to query the layout(binding = X) value
  234. glEnable(GL_DEPTH_TEST) causes flickering
  235. Grass shader
  236. optimization: ... color picking from FBO attachment without stalling the pipeline
  237. Strange problem with textures
  238. Problem with offsetting gl_DrawID
  239. caching mechanism in OpenGL????
  240. Client Side OpenGl Rendering a line issue
  241. Drawing a 3D Sphere with a circle on its surface
  242. Vertex buffer management with indirect drawing
  243. Problem with glScissor test.
  244. How to compute the average color of fragments drawn at the same place.
  245. How to use the stencil buffer to increment a value each time a fragment is drawn ?
  246. Avoid distorted appearance when window manager auto-resizes first/toplevel window
  247. Problem with FBO, target depthTexture and stencil not good.
  248. Problem when rendering transparent sprite.
  249. Stencil buffer values not good.
  250. Problem, alpha is always equal to one.