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  1. Re-inventing Wheels - CGI
  2. Consider Cairo
  3. Design and Implementation
  4. Help me to start OpenVG
  5. OpenVG source code
  6. OpenVG reference implementation
  7. For the OpenVG implementation
  8. Java Bindings for OpenVG
  9. Dashed path issues
  10. What's wrong with this code?
  11. Gradients on perspective projected Images..
  12. Alpha Mask
  13. negative dashing?
  14. OpenVG Spec 1.0 Errata
  15. VG_DRAW_IMAGE_STENCIL confusion, urgent.
  16. OpenVG Spec 1.0 errata, part II
  17. New reference rasterizer
  18. Blending on surfaces with No Alpha (565 specifically)
  19. Different IP implementation of OpenVG
  21. Linear gradients
  22. Open Source implementation released
  23. custom vector format ...
  24. ok now i'm confused ...
  25. ambiguity with child image objects
  26. Do I must divide alpha out if DST is non-premultiplied?
  27. Caching consideration
  28. Is the pattern image mutiplied by matrix PAINT to USER?
  29. Posting surface to a window...
  30. Confusing points in the spec (blending, clip paths, etc.)
  31. no float.h when i build OpenVG reference code
  32. confuse with floating point type in OpenVG specification.
  33. how to observe openVG drawing process?
  34. What's the usage model of VG_BW_1 color format?
  35. Windows Calling Convention
  36. OpenVG 1.0.1 specification: VG_VERSION string
  37. OpenVG installation
  38. OpenVG - Implmentaion details..
  39. openVG - dependency
  40. EGL,OpenvG and OpenGL ES
  42. openVg-EGL in linux
  43. Anti-aliasing quality
  44. OpenVG + linux + PPC
  45. Building OpenVG library and GLUT for linux
  46. A simple question
  47. I have a question related with line algorithm.
  48. linear gradient
  49. a compile error message from PowerVR SDK
  50. A new OpenVG have launch
  51. in ovg_1.0.1_cts_rc10 where to find ri lib sources
  52. Pattern drawing like image multiply draw mode
  53. Write to Framebuffer directly
  54. The meaning of rho variable in Reference Implementation.
  55. using svg images on windows mobile
  56. Stroking cubic bezier, strange behavior Ref. Implementation
  57. Svgconv binairies for windows?
  58. OpenVG and i.MX31
  59. [OT]Triangulation
  60. Help in Image Multiply Mode
  61. vgDrawImage is not working please help!
  62. Simple SVG Parser?
  63. OpenVG on X window
  64. "vgSetParameterfv" vs "vgSetColor"
  65. No image format 24 bit RGB?
  66. What is the difference bettwen VGImage and EGLSurface?
  67. Setting the alpha bit on a per pixel basis
  68. Ambiguous description of vgWritePixels/vgReadPixels
  69. Outcome of OpenVG 1.1 effort
  70. vgAppendPathData and float pointers
  71. OpenGL|ES over OpenVG ?
  72. OpenVG 1.1 problem
  73. OpenVG 1.1 Errata
  74. Confused regarding status of OpenVG API
  75. about the bezier-based acceleration
  76. MiniEGL (reference implementation) eglSwapBuffers
  77. About Text rendering
  78. HW/OS/API recommendation for realtime waveforms on ARM proc?
  79. How Can I port whole RI on MFC
  80. how to implement :isPointInPath
  81. Is there a program, convert bit map image into openVG path?
  82. A problem about the non-uniform scaling.
  83. A problem about the VG_STROKE_CAP_STYLE.
  84. color transformations - problem with alpha
  85. Feature I'd like to see in future versions of OpenVG
  87. how to get out path data from a vgPath
  88. Fast pixel transfer to and from graphic cards in OpenVG ?
  89. how to filter a image in such a way?
  90. VG_MOVE_TO_ABS issue
  91. Support For OpenVG
  92. Why is this not a star? Using Matrix Manipulation
  93. can we use OpenVG do image processing?
  94. How can we use same VGPath in multiple threads
  95. How can we accelerate the vgDrawPath
  96. Possible to use OpenVG on Symbian?
  97. OVG, flash and floating point on embedded platforms
  98. The effort to implement OpenVG 1.0 and OpenVG1.1
  99. Windowed OpenVG?
  100. OpenGL + OpenVG
  101. how to change coordinates
  102. How to change text color
  103. Fix for high CPU in tiger example of reference impl
  104. how to start with openvg.
  105. how to start for x86 cpu with SSE instruction
  106. OpenVG Installation
  107. Need some input regarding drawing glyphs using vgdrawglyph
  108. Displaying Images
  109. Global belnd with DrawImage
  110. CPU Usage
  111. How to get lines of different colors?
  112. Anyone used the Z430 in the Snapdraggon?
  113. Error: eglInitialize() failed.
  114. vgDrawGlyphs behavior
  115. What is the current state of OpenVG?
  116. Combining Images and Paths
  117. Inquiry on OpenVG
  118. Perspective View
  119. Directional Patterns
  120. vgGeti(VG_MAX_IMAGE_WIDTH) returning 0
  121. alpha value when drawing image
  122. Relation between OpenVG API and VGU API
  123. Enlarging images.
  124. static linking OpenVG
  125. libopenVGU / libOpenVG
  126. How to generate font by using OpenVG API?
  127. Something like display lists for OVG?
  128. vgCreatePath scale and bias
  129. MonkVG an OpenSource implementation available
  130. Do the Spec and the Conform A40102 test agree?
  131. Check the busy status of the OpenVG core
  132. Rendering glyphs along a curved line
  133. low-level graphics device interface?
  134. Actual power-consumption data?
  135. Masking problem
  136. Basic help with displaying images
  137. GDI+ / AmanithVG / ShivaVG framework + question
  138. Improvements and Optimization.
  139. OpenVG and FLash
  140. Text on Image
  141. OpenGL ES 2.0 + OpenVG 1.1
  142. Opacity animation for VGImage
  143. OpenVG Conformance Suite Version 1.1.0 Query
  144. Coverage buffer
  145. Save image code from Desktop
  146. What is rasterizer in AmanithVG?
  147. No API for rendering glyphs to a mask?
  148. differences between Open GL and Open VG
  149. OpenVG conformance testing, running select groups
  150. How interchangeable is OpenGL and OpenVG
  151. Researches with OpenCL and simple code with binaries
  153. how to make a specific image color transparent?
  154. compileWithBinnaries and calling Kernels
  155. how to used VG_BW_1 ?
  156. vgDrawImage leaving a rect around image?
  157. Which is Better?? Eclipse or Microsoft Visual studio??
  158. Assertion failed Error for VG_TRUE in Open VG
  159. Building Openvg applications in linux
  160. is EGL necessary for OpenVG?
  161. VG_A_8 definition
  162. Setting Path Coordinate/Segment count
  163. video with OpenVG
  164. linecap implementation?
  165. OpenVG text drawing?
  166. Where to get OpenVG 64-bit libs?
  167. How to compare speeds of different OpenVG builds?
  168. OpenVG on bare metal
  169. vgAppendPathData and vgModifyPathCoords, how to change visibility of path segments
  170. Using blending to add two values
  171. change color of background runtime
  172. Draw mutliple paths to a single path
  173. Interpolate an ellipse to a rect
  174. GUI toolkit based on OpenVG or OpenGL ES
  175. Problem getting visually correct stroke
  176. Are there fully compliant OpenVG implementations available?
  177. Can I change text color?