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  1. -O0 and -O3 speed difference
  2. Devices and command queues
  3. Crash on Mac Mini
  4. malloc/free and executing sub kernels
  5. Re-using cl_event objects for event_wait_list pointers
  6. openCL and cuda on the same GPU (GTX260)
  7. Marching Cubes - Outputting Variable-Size Array
  8. Need some help understanding how to obtain a threads warpid
  9. Newbie question about lock step
  10. Automatic dependancy checking.
  11. Unable to run kernel with matrix of size > 1024
  12. OpenCL on a cpu
  13. kernel argument without memory space specifier
  14. OpenCL driver startup cost
  15. can't re-use shared memory in ATI 5870?
  16. What IS the OpenCL ICD?
  17. Cell/DSP hw with OpenCL drivers
  18. vendor specific header files?
  19. Creating buffers
  20. RGB images
  21. Debug OpenCL Kernel ?
  22. Multiple Devices on NVIDIA sdk 2.3a and khronos DLL.
  23. overlapping data transfers and kernel execution
  24. Data Feedback
  25. Obtaing error strings from codes
  26. Nvidia OpenCL and Terminal Server
  27. comparison of OpenCL implementations
  28. Problems using OpenGL-Framebuffer
  29. float3?
  30. where is stored my cl_mem
  31. thoughts on optimizing my software rasterizer.
  32. Shared Memory questions
  33. trouble understanding when gld uncoalesced loads occur
  34. Good OpenCL tutorial
  35. Image Support and clCreateImage2d
  36. Information concerning memory access
  37. GL-CL interoperability performances
  38. native_ functions
  39. cl_khr_icd spec
  40. Running a looped kernel
  41. Possible Specification Ambiguity - Host Side Vector Types
  42. Global Barriers?
  43. 5 Questions -- Implementing a bunch of OpenCL tools
  44. helping a beginner with basic OpenCL (simple monte carlo)
  45. Creating GL-Sharing context with SDL
  46. dead simple Hello World type request
  47. problems with clcreateimage2d - empty output file
  48. images and memory access optimization
  49. OpenCL for FreeBASIC
  50. support for none case sensitive languages
  51. Same function in kernel returning different values.
  52. clBuffers, synchronised memory and flags
  53. Proposed change to C++ bindings
  54. Serial to Parallel question
  55. stripes over output image
  56. JPEG implementation in OpenCL?
  57. Nvidia OpenCL driver crash when an invalid context is passed
  58. How can I install quickly OpenCL on Mac 10.5?
  59. Swan: A simple tool for porting CUDA kernels to OpenCL
  60. does opencl support inline assembly?
  61. Out of resources problem
  62. rebuilding programs
  63. Provide typedefs for OpenCL functions
  64. iMac 27" - radeon HD 4850 image support
  65. Offscreen openCL device - no GPU
  66. Differentiating between multiple devices in the same machine
  67. NVIDIA + ATI hardware in the same Computer
  68. multiple kernel for single device(1 gpu)
  69. Compile messaged from NVidia OpenCl compiler on Windows
  70. clGetDeviceIDs returns error if no devices found
  71. invalid address space for argument to _kernel function
  72. OpenCL on Visual Studio 2008. Some unknown types and macros.
  73. Reliable device identifier for caching binary
  74. Sub-compute units
  75. What is clEnqueueWaitForEvents for?
  76. Cloo - An OpenCL .NET wrapper
  77. include headers to .cl file
  78. opencl API : include headers to .cl file
  79. Access computing devices over IP-based network with OpenCL
  80. are DUAL graphics cards supported? Anyone using this?
  81. What about OpenCL support for SLI or CrossfireX interconnec?
  82. Nature of private memory missing from OpenCL spec
  83. Limiting number of compute units?
  84. Slaving GPUs...
  85. Low number of compute units?
  86. error -30 buildprogram
  87. Can't create OpenCL context from OpenGL with specific device
  88. Beginner question: understanding NDRange
  89. add header file using clCreateProgramWithSource
  90. Kernel Function calls incoherence
  91. Begginer question: native kernel vs OpenCL kernel
  92. Linear Interpolation for floats
  93. Hardware details
  94. Incrementing value from multiple threads
  95. OpenCL ICD infrastructure questions
  96. Is this caused by memory contention?
  97. Creating Buffer in GPU Context
  98. ATI and NVIDIA Hybrid CL systems
  99. Troubles with clBuildProgram...
  100. OpenCL C++ bindings and Visual Studio 2008
  101. Getting device info
  102. register to global memory performance mystery
  103. Help: Adding two arrays
  104. OpenCL on CPU
  105. Global memory access
  106. "clReleaseMemObject" too long
  107. Can kernel #1 compute the work size for kernel #2?
  108. Arrangement (order) of threads inside 2D work unit
  109. Dual nvidia GT 120 (on MacPro)
  110. Appear to be just few results when i execute my OpenCL code?
  111. Computation values turn out to be incorrect
  112. Problem with Command queue
  113. Nbody simulation tutorial make error
  114. 2D Array using OpenCL?
  115. Memory consistency model
  116. Internal error: Link failed. on ati stream 2.01
  117. confusion compute unit/stream proc/warp/work gp/threads
  118. clCreateContextFromType properties parameter can not be NULL
  119. How to use long long type?
  120. ATI drivers on Linux.
  121. Floating point precision
  122. global memory coalescing question
  123. clGetEventProfilingInfo specification clarification
  124. Automatic conversion on big-endian hardware
  125. Floating point exception in clBuildProgram atiocl64.dll
  126. Using structs to pass optional features into kernels
  127. Poor bandwith on matrix multiplication with local memory?
  128. Great performance loss on conditionals
  129. using the prefetch command
  130. Iterations And GlobalRange Difficulty (Related?)
  131. Max __constant variables defined in program source
  132. arguments to kernel functions
  133. How to assure kernel execution ended?
  134. Atomics and flushing
  135. Strange results
  136. Queuing multiple command is implementation defined?
  137. blcoking clReleaseCommandQueue crashes
  138. OpenCL man page sources available in public Subversion
  139. Wrong precision in multiplication results
  140. OpenCL: Hardware requirements
  141. memorey object release and ndrange arguments
  142. Asynchronous build program
  143. clSetKernelArg performance
  144. Problem with first code on visual studio 2008
  145. Memory error occurs after releasing a memory object
  146. Unique device/implementation name
  147. Build program include directory and path with space
  148. Acces violation writing
  149. OpenCL on Apple imac with ATI Radeon HD 4850 is badly broken
  150. how to debug opencl kernel program running on GPU?
  151. using local memory
  152. Creating context using multiple devices from openGL context
  153. event return by EnqueueNDRange broken with nVidia
  154. how to implement serial calculation in kernel code?
  155. OpenCL compile error when using constant memory
  156. Will OpenCL replace OpenGL in the future?
  157. Visual Studio 2008 Setup with OpenCL Plugin
  158. How to get correct access to all values in the global memory
  159. Weird compile error with structures defined in *.cl
  160. I don't know this error.
  161. openCL using MFC
  162. How to add header?
  163. using opencl link error..
  164. openCL using visual studio 2008..
  165. clGetPlatformIDs Exception..
  166. Converting CUDA grid to OpenCL
  167. How can I get this error?
  168. #include headers from memory, not from filesystem?
  169. opencl sources of zlib..
  170. OpenCL on Linux with multiple ATI GPUs
  171. What should arg_size be when passing NULL to clSetKernelArg?
  172. low float precision - only on parts of the output data
  173. Size of a structure. Should it be multiple of 16 ?
  174. compile errors
  175. Questions about the memory created by clCreateBuffer
  176. error after execution
  177. Global memory alignment
  178. Does the number of arguments affect to the performance ?
  179. Cannot run OpenCL Device Query
  180. external function?
  181. BOxfilter example for NVIDIA.
  182. Access violation reading location
  183. OpenCL 1.0.48 typo
  184. PowerVR SGX (omap3530) support
  185. Parser for OpenCL
  186. how to do task parallel and data parallel on the same device
  187. Device affinity for command queues and buffers seems at odds
  188. incompatible integer to pointer conversion!!
  189. atom_add with float
  190. OpenCL pointer computing problem..
  191. Global variables in OpenCL
  192. raytracer and openCL artifacts
  193. My first openCL program
  194. using opencl kernel function parameter & ptxas ptx problem
  195. Constant pointer dereference issue, possible compiler bug?
  196. What is error -5 : out of resource
  197. Sony VAIO for OpenCL development?
  198. Graphic card ranking for OpenCL
  199. Mysterious kernel behavior. Can anyone explain?
  200. Array size at runtime
  201. Error:E010:Irreducible ControlFlow Detected
  202. Execute opencl kernel problem..
  203. OpenCL: clEnqueueNDRangeKernel Failed: -54
  204. Index problem
  205. How expensive is calling clEnqueueNDRangeKernel?
  206. Code 10x faster on CPU device than GPU device
  207. __attribute__ in separatable Convolution
  208. __constant vs const __global
  209. gl-cl interop and depth buffer
  210. clBuildProgram() function error...!!
  211. Error enqueueing kernel
  212. OpenCL logo
  213. Effective gain by using padding on workgroup size
  214. opencl build error..!!
  215. Error -30 invalid value...
  216. How to perform atomic sums on floats
  217. vec3, mat3x3,... help!!!
  218. Problem with moving an array pointer in the Kernel
  219. using oclUtils library and shrUtils library problem..
  220. Getting Started / Reality Check
  221. compilation error in VS2008,HELP!
  222. Crash when accessing struct fields
  223. 2 dimensions' array
  224. Initializing constant variables
  225. controlling how blocking is implemented.
  226. Parameters index inside a kernel
  227. Private Memory
  228. How do opencl kernel perform?
  229. Is there a way to GL render 3d data directly from CL memory?
  230. How can I simulate double precision?
  231. User defined functions in OpenCL code
  232. Compile OpenCL code to binary
  233. Printing a cl_mem object
  234. Traversing a Tree using the root pointer
  235. Assignment of work_items to work_groups
  236. Will OpenCL support Fetch4/Gather4 for image?
  237. copy from global memory to local memory..problem
  238. "clDevicePointer" function needed!
  239. :211: error:no matching overload found for arguments of type
  240. Performance 1 .cl file vs several .cl files
  241. Performance tips
  242. Help adding large array
  243. OpenCL Software implementation.
  244. work group size question.."CL_INVALID_WORK_GROUP_SIZE"
  245. Double precision floats and built in math functions?
  246. Parallel primitives
  247. BLAS/LAPACK for OpenCL
  248. Can OpenCL run on a single core machine without any GPU?
  249. nvidia 197.45 crash : global initialized with literal
  250. clEnqueueMarker