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  1. beginer errors in my CL file
  2. using printf in the .cl file
  3. How to get physical address of GPU memory for DMA?
  4. How to display error code
  5. Error - 52 with clEnqueueNDRangeKernel
  6. Low level behaviour of clEnqueueWriteBuffer() - spec vs impl
  7. Help required understanding some results(of matrix mult.)
  8. Regarding creating a very big array within an OpenCL Kernel
  9. Can I use Third Party Library?
  10. Sum Vector Components in OpenCL (SSE-like)
  11. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES in clEnqueueNDRangeKernel
  12. Inconsistent Results
  13. Difference between Cuda Core (Nvidia) and Stream Core(ATI)?
  14. Workload in Ati GPU. How Much work-items i have to put?
  15. Troubleshooting via printf?
  16. Info on clCreateFromGLRenderbuffer
  17. Pass scalars to kernel and avoid creating CLBuffer each time
  18. OpenCL Binary | Effective Memory Usage
  19. Writing a Kernel for a Explicit Method Heat Equation
  20. Use CPU and GPU wisely
  21. clCreateFromGLTexture2D returns CL_INVALID_GL_OBJECT (-60)
  22. Scalability issues in openCL.
  23. Need help to start learning OpenCL on my laptop
  24. Making kernels aware of a large amount of buffers
  25. memory consistency in openCL
  26. Optimize this loop in OpenCL
  27. How do I rerun a kernel with a new data set?
  28. how do I invoke the OpenCL compiler
  29. OpenCL support on Ivy Bridge / HD 4000 Macs?
  30. GTX 560 - How much work-items i set?
  31. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel, error code -54
  32. free web-service for testing OpenCL applications
  33. Limit of kernel args
  34. OpenCL 1.2 cl.hpp
  35. OpenCL newb - OpenCL crashing :(
  36. Semaphor problem atomic_xchg function
  37. NO Cpu device found
  39. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel : Error -38
  40. Bessel functions in OpenCL
  41. Open source ICD loader
  42. opencl spec 1.2 Traditional Chinese version beta1
  43. Reverse (.rev) Vector Components
  44. OpenCL and OpenGL integration
  45. OpenCL global memory concept
  46. Lifetime of cl::Event objects?
  47. Failed to get PlatformID
  49. Speed issues on clEnqueueNDRangeKernel with empty kernal
  50. Non square matrix mulitiplacation return wrong result
  51. clinfo on Ubuntu 11.04 only recognizing 1 of 3 ati 6950 gpus
  52. Question about OpenCL samplers
  53. Native Kernels
  54. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES when enqueuing same kernel
  55. web gl ui creation .
  56. Passing a matrix to openCL
  57. fast buffer initialization with zeros
  58. help with using clCreateImage2D
  59. question on work-items?
  60. What is vstoren for?
  61. clCreateEventFromGLsyncKHR
  62. Error with clEnqueueMapBuffer.. Getting wrong results.
  63. COMMAND QUEUE weird behaviour
  64. OpenCL Newb Here - OpenCL Scoping
  65. Wrong cl_mem pointer causes segfault
  67. Issue writing to constant buffer
  68. OpenGL mipmaps prevent read
  69. OpenCL + Python
  70. Timing OpenCL kernel code
  71. OpenCL image2d_t writing mostly zeros
  72. Do not get correct result when increasing local size
  73. IDEs for OpenCL development ?
  74. Releasing cl_event s
  75. Garbage output by array of struct in OpenCL
  76. Problems mixing GTX 680 and GTX 590
  77. Running opencl .exe file with just graphics driver installed
  78. Convert Long to char array?
  79. OpenCL device fission to LLVM-IR
  80. get_group_offset
  81. CL_INVALID_OPERATION in clCreateContextFromType
  82. How to debug on Apple? [CL_INVALID_COMMAND_QUEUE]
  83. Buffer sharing on multiple queues
  84. A weird problem with "clEnqueueNDRangeKernel"!
  85. Reduce nr of threads & use loop in kernel to cover the work
  86. Global memory "bitfield" technique
  87. OpenCL Kernel Memory Optimization - Local vs. Global Memory
  88. How to know if the kernels are executing concurrently?
  89. OpenCL/OpenGL interop on multiple GPU's
  90. Kernel Memory Error (illegal access inside kernel) - why?
  91. Putting a space in path supplied to clBuildProgram()
  92. OpenCL for 32 bit (x86) on 64 bit Windows 7
  93. Structs Into Kernel?
  94. Multiple devices and CL_DEVICE_MEM_BASE_ADDR_ALIGN
  95. Using preprocessor and extern functions in OpenCL kernels
  96. Vectors and kernel arguments
  97. OpenCL Failing At Conditionals
  98. OpenCL kernel crashes with -5 Error
  99. inconsistent use of 'double' in the specification?
  100. Using a buffer on multiple devices.
  101. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel returns -6 CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY
  102. Problem run in GTX560
  103. How to use OpenCL to optimize my decode algorithm?
  104. How to use OpenCL to optimize my decode algorithm?
  105. clGetEventProfilingInfo time stamps not synchronized?
  106. compilator settings- the key to the biggest performance
  107. Dynamic memory allocation/deallocation and transfer?
  108. Do host allocated buffers need to be manually deallocated?
  109. HELP
  110. clCreateImage{,2D,3D} vs the ICD loader
  111. OpenCL profiling tools for Linux
  112. Checking wether a command queue is valid...
  113. A Kernel that run in CPU and GPU same time
  114. clEnqueueWriteBuffer crash with error -38
  115. 128-bit data type support
  116. Cuckoo Hash- Table in GPGPU
  117. OSX 10.8, GeForce GT 650M, Can't create command queues
  118. I cannot use 16K shared memory in GTX9800
  119. 128- bit integer atomics Support?
  120. OpenCL benchmark
  121. How much waste can the warp divergence bring?
  122. Using a single integer value(not a pointer as parameter for?
  123. The most bizarre error
  124. Error getting function data from server when running on 680
  125. Compilation bug?
  126. CL_INVALID_KERNEL_ARGS with OpenCL 1.1 Nvidia device
  127. Is there any OpenCL library having Prefix Sum?
  128. Asynchrouous call to program build
  129. Access to Intermediate Language under Xcode / 10.7 ???
  130. string sorting in opencl
  131. Kernel argument size
  132. atomic_add for local variable
  133. Updating struct in Opencl with method call
  134. programming help needed
  135. CL/cl.hpp: Problems with reference counting
  136. Learn OpenCL
  137. Link to compiled library
  138. Do I need atomic_add in that case?
  139. Accessing to bytes in array as to short and int values?
  140. Do i have divergence with (bool)?val1:val2 operator?
  141. How to port existing C++ function using vectors?
  142. Get binary of kernel - clGetProgramInfo
  143. OpenCL Compiler
  144. Call OpenCL functions from another file
  145. Error in compile project
  146. Kernel variables access in any level
  147. Unrecognized Token during Kernel Compilation
  148. C++ bindings 1.2 incompatible with PGI 12
  149. clCreateImage : 'host_ptr_max_size' argument
  150. Writing to the different mip-map levels of a 3d texture
  151. Regular question about dual gpu on single board
  152. memory allocation / dealloaction / copying timing questions
  153. Optimizing multiple kernel calls for large arrays
  154. CL/GL Interop, OSX -- ever shared a Renderbuffer or Texture?
  155. Trouble build OpenCL conformance test on win32/64
  156. unknown type name kernel in opencl
  157. pointer type conversion
  158. Image editing problem
  159. Parallel breadth-first search
  160. Using binary
  161. when to use get_global id and get_local id in opencl?
  162. OpenCL 1.2 Class Inheritance
  163. Runtime failed to load kernels from OCL binary
  164. clCreateProgramWithBinary
  165. Slow MD-program. My cpu runs it faster than my GPU
  166. about clSetEventCallBack()
  167. program error
  168. Running openCL on CPU
  169. Weird behavior of my kernel
  170. Program run on CPU with 2 core....
  171. Slow JavaCL CLBuffer map/unmap operations
  172. how to calculate execution time of program on GPU and CPU?
  173. clFinish is returning CL_INVALID_COMMAND_QUEUE
  174. Debugger and Profiler API
  175. VB.Net appliction
  176. Linking Kernel with Static Library
  177. Mild data corruption
  178. Proposal: More detailed device ID detection
  179. Timeouts for GPU kernels
  180. Well defined ways of detecting product ID
  181. opencl and study
  182. user defined data types in OpenCL
  183. clFinish returns CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY (-6)
  184. problem with openCL/multiple kernels
  185. program run on CPU and GPU
  186. why CPU execution time is less than GPU time?
  187. how to differentiate between two GPU
  188. Kernel undeterministic behavior
  189. Determining the real amount of local memory available
  190. Bolt
  191. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES when changing to OpenCL 1.1
  192. global & local size in 2D problem
  193. CL GL interoperability
  194. OpenCL Synchronization between workgroups.
  195. I beg u plzzz ,I really need help with this open cl code
  196. Insufficient Private Resources!
  197. Kernel produces vertical bars instead of solid color. Why?
  198. Best Practice for multiple dll
  199. concurrent access to global memory
  200. Invalid device error on second video card.
  201. Multiple access to global memory
  202. How Can I reduce the GPU Kernel Performance ?
  203. How to reduce kernel overhead
  204. Questions on multi-core applications
  205. Array in global memory - strange results
  206. OpenCL 1.2 clCreateImage(...)
  207. Question on sharing cl_events on different cl_contexts
  208. Context with different vendors
  209. Problems with CLImage2D on ATi [with minimal example]
  210. 2 times sin() vs one local memory access
  211. shared memory question
  212. Public extensions and add-ons on github
  213. A very confusing problem of kernels w\ "-cl-opt-disable"
  214. Buffer Vs Image
  215. For loops inside kernels
  216. Research topic for parallel programming
  217. When I want to use atomic_add, what should I do?
  218. Is float point operation in OpenCL stochastic?
  219. Performance of clEnqueueReadBuffer on different HW systems
  220. clBuildProgram run inconsistencies
  221. address space qualifiers and pointers to arrays
  222. Query Memory used on GPU
  223. difference between fopen and fopen_s
  224. How to install opencL for NVIDIA architecture
  225. specified file is not unrecognized or unsupported binary fmt
  226. Basic question
  227. "Failed to open file for reading: in program
  228. Wait if CL_DEVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE is returned?
  229. Accessing devices freeze the program on Linux
  230. different time of cpu and gpu
  231. opencl opengl inter operability
  232. Getting the most Powerful device
  233. how i create the memory for block or workgroup
  234. Atomic compare and swap
  235. newbie question: what is special about conditions
  236. Finding No of registers are using for each kernel on AMD GPU
  237. Image computing in OpenCL (image2D or array)
  238. Float4* VS Float*
  239. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES in sample kernel
  240. OpenCL device selection for interop with OpenGL.
  241. cl_out_of_host_memory in clenqueuendrangekernel
  242. Issue with clRelease functions
  243. Any alteration in kernel CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY
  244. Array dimension on Kernel - AMD Histogram OpenCl example
  245. opencl buffer from premade opengl buffer
  246. Are the nvidia "best practices" violating the spec?
  247. Ivy Bridge integrated GPU architecture.
  248. Using Itermediate Representation binaries
  249. Command to free Memory
  250. GPU never works