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  1. havin error code -38 in opencl ?
  2. Code speedup
  3. basic question regarding get_global_id
  4. Maximum number of work-items
  5. Using CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR with clEnqueueReadBuffer
  6. CPU on Linux
  7. FFT 2D kernel runtime =0 in OpenCL
  8. opencl, images,samplers and interpolation
  9. OpenCL 1.2 Specification Update Feedback Thread
  10. Storing 3D textures
  11. opencl sobel filter and theory
  12. Running kernel on host vs device
  13. Scheduling kernel to prevent driver from crashing (watchdog)
  14. Querying kernel progress
  15. build static OpenCL library
  16. sobel and letters
  17. Write only a single color component
  18. CL_INVALID_KERNEL_NAME error after edit a function
  19. clCreateProgramWithSource deletes context?
  20. can we use structure in opencl
  21. OpenCL 1.2 Specification broken?
  22. band and partial update
  23. Cmake error while configuring OpenCL program
  24. Selecting rounding mode CL_FP_ROUND_TO_ZERO
  25. tools and intel sdk
  26. running on GPU but not on CPU
  27. Device lost possible?
  28. OpenCL performances on NVIDIA GTX 260 and ATI Radeon HD
  29. can we update the table paralleley
  30. clEnqueueReadBuffer gives the error CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES -
  32. row_pitch mishandled in ATI Radeon HD 7970
  33. OpenCL slow compiling on AMD card
  34. error using clCreateSubBuffer
  35. openCL and VC++ 2010 “front end compiler failed build”
  36. Copying c++ classes for use in open CL
  37. clGetPlatformIDs error -1001 when called in PostgreSQL UDF
  38. qt and gl/cl interop
  39. Is it safe to cast a pointer-to-vector to pointer-to-scalar?
  40. OpenCL Kernel thread execution time
  41. SegFault at clGetDeviceIDs?
  42. openCL barrier() is not recognized by VC++ 2010
  43. Minimal kernel name length
  44. OpenCL 1.2 2D image array
  45. OpenCL Ndrange Global Size/Local Size
  46. Atomic Function
  47. Offline Kernel Compiling in Ubuntu?
  48. Array of images as kernel parameter
  49. SPIR kernel precompilation tool
  50. can we use compare function in kernel?
  51. Reduction within one work item
  52. Scheduling a work load that relies on sequential values
  53. Error in CodeXL: Not able to produce resource usage info
  54. OPENCL distributed computing.
  55. JavaCL 1.0.0-RC3 released (Java OpenCL bindings + utils)
  56. FIFO queue implementation in OpenCL?
  57. error to build program executable
  58. Possible Memory leak in nVidia driver
  59. Take base address of Memory Object
  60. AMD - Microsoft Visual Studio
  61. Memory leak problem in nVidia driver
  62. Zeta OpenCL Chess 097x released
  63. Normal execution time??
  64. when run on cpu or graphics card of cpu
  65. vectorization
  66. clflush or clfinish
  67. how can I load arrays to constant memory space
  68. Can i call the same kernel function multiple times in a loop
  69. include headers to OpenCL .cl file
  70. multiple contexts and devices
  71. Kernel for finding the minimum element in the array
  72. how to run on cpu graphics card
  73. Loop inside kernel generating different results
  74. subbuffes + 1.0
  75. Question about OpenCL for FPGA
  76. finding intersection of two sets
  77. regarding some problems
  78. Regarding the kernel function
  79. Store programs or kernels?
  80. kernel function for cartesian product of two sets A and B
  81. What's the deal with clEnqueueWriteBufferRect?
  82. Passing a global parameter from kernel into a function
  83. OpenCL Spec: What Happens on Event/Command Failure
  84. Kernel output not being saved in host RAM
  85. Copy/transfer buffer to image.
  86. Can i use clEnqueueReadBufferRect to copy the column
  87. A question on NDRange
  88. dot product of two vectors using reduction
  89. Problem with width and reference of element in array
  90. Setting the kernel argument for the local memory
  91. Header files for Kernels
  92. Support for complex math
  93. System freeze on kernel execution
  94. ndkernalrange
  95. OpenCL not finding devices as dll
  96. Simple question about clFinish()
  97. Local extremum?
  98. clCreateFromGLTexture undef ref and kernel args
  99. Matrix-Matrix multiply [HELP!]
  100. OpenGL / OpenCL interop with shared contexes and multithread
  101. Unittesting Image Read an write
  102. memory coalescing
  103. opencl sdk problem
  104. Can enqueueNDRangeKernel leak memory even without events?
  105. Global work space size
  106. enequeueNDRangeKernel - parallel execution on OpenCL device?
  107. 1D wave equation (Runge-Kutta implementation) with OpenCL
  108. Work-Group Size estimation at the edge of an array
  109. how to create and init gpu memory buff to be all 0s
  110. [Nvidia Windows] Display driver crash when killing a process
  111. arbitrary size matrix multiplication
  112. How OpenCL chooses which vendor's library to link @ runtime?
  113. Kernel optimzation hints for bayer demosaic
  114. Comparing two arrays
  115. (Question)OpenCL forstreaming language for a game engine
  116. 2D Arrays in local functions
  117. Reuse device buffer across kernel batches
  118. Kernel improvement?
  119. Race condition between clEnqueue* and clSetEventCallback
  120. Finding the minimum in an array
  121. Can i have two different local arrays for the same workgroup
  122. 3-D vs 1-D Global worksapce
  123. Cache flushing after 'clEnqueueNDRangeKernel'
  124. Multiplication of 2 floats = 90% computation time?
  125. Automated types with CL_DEVICE_PREFERRED_VECTOR_WIDTH_*
  126. Distributing OpenCL runtime best practices?
  127. opencl texture memory
  128. Convergence test
  129. uint size
  130. opencl graphs and data structures
  131. CUDA & OpenCL similarities
  132. 2d convolution kernel
  133. partial reductions
  134. application porting to OpenCL
  135. warp size vs # of SPs per SM
  136. My suggestions for OpenCL 2.0..
  137. copying a variable from host memory to device memory
  138. Problems with deinitialization of intel openCL
  139. Work Group and Work Item sizes
  140. texture memory
  141. clSetKernelArg(....)
  142. declare opencl data type in host
  143. explicit copy from host to device
  144. set image format
  145. Fermi: overlapping kernels from an in-order queue
  146. empty texture object
  147. texel element definition
  148. Probable usage of texture memory
  149. clWaitForEvents vs clEnqueueWaitForEvents
  150. data partitioning?
  151. Image Type : IMAGE2D vs IMAGE2D_ARRAY
  152. Infinite loop invalidating command queue
  153. Barrier Function in while loop
  154. write_imagef and image1d
  155. Regarding the work group size
  156. First NVIDIA OpenCL Driver Version?
  157. Collaboration between host and devices
  158. register usage : float3 vs float4
  159. OpenCL horribly broken on NVIDIA GTX Titan
  160. Add support for multiple binary formats and query mecanism
  161. Segmentation fault (core dumped )
  162. ocland, the OpenCL cloud computing interface
  163. rgba vector accessors
  164. platform differentiation
  165. Dive into Registers
  166. graphics card (GPU)distuinguish
  167. NVIDIA OpenCL SDK (without using CUDA)
  168. Working with bits and perfomance issue
  169. Precomputing array of 16 elements
  170. clEnqueueWriteBuffer causes segmentation fault
  171. Compiling Kernel With Struct Pointer in Argument
  172. OpenCL implementation for Multiple platforms
  173. get_global_id is undefined
  174. OpenCL (CUDA v5) and Visual Studio express 2010
  175. what is CL_INVALID_KERNEL ?
  176. Kernel launch time
  177. clCreateKernel Gives OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY
  178. doubt on OpenCL's C++ feature
  179. Private variables compiler optimization?
  180. cl::vector vs std::vector with cl::Events
  181. Kernel always returns the same array of single value
  182. Profiling of kernel code
  183. OPENCL Kernel Debugging
  184. Increase the global memory allocation on gpu Nvidia and Inte
  185. constant memory issue
  186. clCreateProgramWithSource - could be a file?
  187. CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE less than spec
  188. GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE doesn't work
  189. Difference between rated peak performance and actual performance
  190. The following Exceptions have occurred : clEnqueueNDRangeKernel(-54)
  191. regarding clEnqueueCopyBufferRect
  192. Multiplication Matrix with OpenCL in JAVA
  193. OpenCL Requirements for Newbies on Linux
  194. goto statement
  195. Accessing single GPU buffer using multiple CPUs with MPI
  196. write_imagef only writes correct color if read_imagef is used (OpenCL/OpenGL)
  197. Matching nvidia-smi and OpenCL devices
  198. What performance increase can we expect for a problem, e.g. generating NCn combinatio
  199. Concurrency between a CPU kernel execution and a GPU data transfer
  200. clarification request: barrier()
  201. read_imagef : CL_RGBA vs CL_R
  202. Intel OpenCL can't find my 3rd generation CPU
  203. 2D Subbuffer
  204. Where can I find the definition of _cl_platform_id ?
  205. clGetPlatformIDs is hanging/not returning
  206. Barrier?
  207. Problem with simple selection sort
  208. multiple command queue on a device
  209. subbuffer understanding (alignment / usefulness)
  210. Deadlock occurs with N threads, N command queues & N Kernels
  211. Subdivision of image data
  212. OpenCL.dll needed for running RealfFLow under Parallels' Virtual Machines on Mac
  213. Mmaped buffers: Memory leaks and GART errors
  214. Warning when returning local address in non kernel function...
  215. Handling event objects for synchronization points
  216. OpenCL computing (dimension avarage) with doubles
  217. copy 2d image to the OpenCL 3D image object
  218. cl_khr_gl_sharing and creating shared vbo(s) after cl context creation.
  219. quad,quadn
  220. Is non-blocking clEnqueueWriteBuffer really immediately return?
  221. clGetDeviceIDs question
  222. replace the keyword
  223. _inline_ function
  224. Problem for structures containing arrays.
  225. OpenCL rectangular-copy function is either slow or crashes on a AMD machine
  226. Enqueue/Finish Scheme for FFT
  228. empty struct / enum layout compatibility between host and OpenCL code
  229. OpenCL functions undefined
  230. Initializing __local variables
  231. OpenCL compilation process and obtaining intermediate files
  232. Neural networks in openCl with visual studio
  233. Releasing Memory, Kernels, Devices etc
  234. Implication of Apple patent on OpenCL
  235. Basic questions about OpenCL
  236. OpenCL performance issue
  237. Nested loops with dependancies and series operations
  238. Compile for other GPU
  239. memory bank, opencl and host objects
  240. OpenCL 2.0 considerations
  241. OpenCL general optimization for neighbors accessing
  242. clEnqueueTask : -52
  243. Array Size Change Implies Error
  244. How to convert array of cl_uint into array of cl_uchar in C++?
  245. Performance Questions with regards to image processing.
  246. Using Local Memory with Large Data Buffer
  247. Synchronization between OpenCL and OpenGL using OpenGL sync object
  248. clBuildProgram() for multiple AMD GPUs
  249. OpenCL write_imagei problem
  250. OpenCL ridiculous CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES