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  1. Undefined type in extensions spec
  2. Graphic driver
  3. How does the OpenCL model map to CPU hardware?
  4. Opencl support hardware requirements
  5. Command queue synchroniztion
  6. program object .
  7. Suggestions for improving the OpenCL C++ API?
  8. OpenCL ICD will not compile under Win7
  9. cl_khr_fp64 becoming an "optional core feature"
  10. OpenCL kernel performs only once
  11. slow addition of vector-components using float16 ?!
  12. Official OpenCL 2.0 Feedback thread
  13. Official OpenCL SPIR 1.2 feedback thread
  14. clGetDeivceIDs fails...driver issue?
  15. cross compilation and remotely test your application
  16. OpenCL for crosss-platform and multiple devices ?
  17. read_imagef and floating point coordinates, what's the range?
  18. Use of Template kernel in opencl
  19. Why no template support?
  20. Quoting for -I include paths
  21. Include OpenCV in OpenCL kernel code
  22. paged memory vs pinned memory
  23. detecting if a gpu device is connected to display device driver
  24. How do you represent an image in OpenCL
  25. Passing 2 times the same buffer as input ?
  26. Modify a float4 in a function
  27. Host overhead on data transfer?
  28. Not able to read the image using clcreateimage & read_imagei in OpenCL
  29. Texture with Interoperability, tutorial?
  30. Multiple kernel invocations within kernel or via host
  31. Facing problem in error -46 (CL_INVALID_KERNEL_NAME)
  32. Accessing CAL buffers from OpenCL?
  33. Parallel Reduction combined with other Operations
  34. Open CL Support -> HD 4890 ATI + windows xp
  35. error while mapping the pinned memory
  36. __global vs __constant qualifier in OpenCL
  37. Vector Vector addition
  38. Regarding memory sections in openCL
  39. Solve for Ax=B where A is a sparse matrix
  40. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES when crate opencl context
  41. write_imagef and write_imageui
  42. How OpenCL __private address space is mapped on GPU?
  43. Questions on OpenCL Built-in functions?
  44. opencl sdk 1.5 is missing
  45. Passing buffers (pointers) in a structure to a kernel
  47. No improvement seen when moved to latest GPU which has more max_work_item_size
  48. Manually optimizing OpenCL/CUDA intermediate code !
  49. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES - what are the usual usual causes of this error
  50. error while creating program object from source
  51. NULL or !NULL
  52. OpenCL leading with OpenCV
  53. Getting wrong values returned from cl::BufferGL after a upgrade from HD6790 to HD7850
  54. CL GL interoperability
  55. Suggestions for next release of OpenCL
  56. hardware problem related to OpenCL
  57. CL GL Context creation
  58. Weird error code when calling clGetPlatformIDs (not -1001)
  59. Buffer Offsets are not allowed in OpenCL
  60. Looking for a better explanation of CL_DEVICE_MEM_BASE_ADDR_ALIGN
  61. Adding support for a new hardware in OpenCL
  62. Getting pocl to function with microblaze running linux
  63. Multiple cl:::Program within one context with identical kernel names
  64. clCreateUserEvent set reference count to 2
  65. New open source HandsOnOpenCL course now available; examples in C, C++ and PyOpenCL
  66. OpenCL program freezes when high number of kernels are launched within a loop
  67. OpenCL-Z and OpenCL Mandelbrot
  68. OpenCL Kernel debugging on NVIDIA GPUs
  70. OpenCL in Android NDK r9
  71. Colaesed reading taking more time
  72. Issue in OpenCL Kernel function
  73. CPU vs GPU performance
  74. Host compile-time test for OpenCL version? Macro?
  75. NVIDIA GTX 560M and clGetGLContextInfoKHR
  76. Does Nvidia API grow an unbounded command queue unless clFinish() is called?
  77. Hello World not working in Linux
  78. OpenCL/GL Interop Setup Problem
  79. Local memory in matrix multiplication
  80. context validation
  81. pow(float4,float)
  82. How to protect/hide my OpenCL C code?
  83. Open CL C library
  84. How can I know that GPU is free for my Open CL code and not for other tasks ?
  85. clCreateEventFromGLsyncKHR link error
  86. device status
  87. Memory management with cl.hpp
  88. [C++] Setting up SDL2 und OpenCL 1.2
  89. Shader to OpenCL Kernel
  90. program hangs on clBuildProgram with an empty kernel or takes > 1 hour
  91. OpenCL gDebugger
  92. Using non-square rectangular blocking for a matrix multiplication kernel
  93. OpenCL vs. CUDA for NVIDIA GPGPU
  94. Running with AMD's OpenCL SDK on NVIDIA's device
  95. OpenCL YouTube Training Videos
  96. cl.h (OpenCL 1.1) and cl.hpp (OpenCL1.1/1.0 version) - incompatible?
  97. clBuildProgram returns CL_INVALID_BINARY for double data types on a GTX 480
  99. for loops in kernel
  100. Problem synchronizing between multiple WorkGroups
  101. How matrix dimentions are passed to kernel ?
  102. 1.2 cl.hpp on ARM systems
  103. Problem with setting buffers as kernel parameters
  104. Const memory and buffer size in openCL
  105. syntax of 'dot' routine
  106. error in OpenCL
  107. OpenGL shared textures
  108. Extremely slow when returning value from device to host
  109. get_global_id(0) changes when moving from float * to float4 * in kernel
  110. Cache miss in kernel
  111. How to measure GPU performance
  112. cl.hpp on Mac OS X fails with expected unqualified-id error
  113. Determine global_work_size
  114. Moving from float to float4: What should be changed in the host code ?
  115. How to implement the matrix inversion in OpenCL?
  116. OpenCL workgroup synch min/max values for a group
  117. Is it possible to transfer value from kernel to other kernel?
  118. How to reset global_id for multiple kernel?
  119. Using clEnqueueWriteBuffer with c++ vectors
  120. Determine which Compute Unit the workgroup is running on (on AMD ATI Radeon series)
  121. Subdividing gloabl Workgoup Size
  122. GPU monitoring tools (UI/commandline)
  123. Can somebody tell me an example of How OpenCL works with subbuffer?
  124. Format restrictions on OpenCL kernel
  125. How to allocate a task to GPU
  126. How to avoid unnecessary memory copying if using a CPU as device?
  127. clBuildProgram hangs on some plateform - how to retrieve the CL capabilities?
  128. Element-by-element multiplication of complex matrix
  129. Operations on parts of different arrays
  130. OpenCL finer grained parallelism
  131. OpenCL finer grained follow up
  132. CL_MEM_ALLOC_HOST_PTR and 'ordinary' buffer reads/writes
  133. Screen capture with openCL?
  134. clFFT 2D question
  135. cl.hpp resource leaks (memory leaks) (but not too important).
  136. GL/CL interop on multiple GPUs
  137. Low performance when writing results back to global memory
  138. error -13 when I using clCreateSubBuffer
  139. cl_out_of_resources
  140. OpenCL kernel not found
  141. Generic overlap of data transfers and kernel computation
  142. State of a kernel when it's running?
  143. Info GPU
  144. Synchronization problems?
  145. fatal: si_isa_DS_WRITE_B32_impl: invalid address
  146. How to pass an array to the kernel
  147. const correctness in <CL/cl.hpp>
  148. Question regarding synchronization
  149. A weird problem of "CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES"
  150. Strange issue when dealing with Bitmasks
  151. run kernel in one NDRange space
  152. question regarding new gpu computing sdk and opencl
  153. working with thread in a kernel
  154. kernel arguments restrction
  155. calculate optimal pitch value
  156. Overhead of Passing the same buffer to different kernels
  157. Multiple GPU Context Impossible with Graphics Interop (Please support this!)
  158. invalid command queue
  159. shrFindFilePath() returns null
  160. cast between the scalar and vector types
  161. OpenCL Memory Problem with ant simulation
  162. Bad performance after transferring from 32 bit to 64 bit
  163. vloadn and vstoren
  164. Expm1() problems - precision
  165. encapsulate context creation
  166. how to mention wrap address mode in the opencl 1.1
  167. Confused about the memory buffer usage
  168. OpenCL with BLAST algorithm
  169. Clarification on event_t usage in OpenCL specification
  170. Can we execute .exe program in opencl ?
  171. Info about device Query
  172. read multiple exits using function clEnqueueTask
  173. What can be implemented in what? OpenCL, OpenGL, HSA, SPIR, LLVM IR, HSA, Mantle, etc
  174. PNG decoder using opencl
  175. Host memory allocation with CL_MEM_ALLOC_HOST_PTR
  176. Looping kernels produce not constant timings
  177. What is faster?
  178. NVIDIA + ATI hardware in the same computer
  179. clGetPlatformInfo() causes segmentation fault in dynamically linked application?
  180. send custom type to the kernel
  181. Proper row pitch and slice pitch value
  182. user type struct
  183. Altera and NVDIA OpenCL Platform Together
  184. OpenCL and MinGW problems
  185. Newbie question: Problems with non-square matrices
  186. Check OpenCL device version compatibility?
  187. Boost.Compute v0.1 Released
  188. Official SYCL 1.2 Provisional feedback thread
  189. Stream compaction
  190. "professional" gpu's and pricing
  191. Newbie question: What is double4 data type in opencl?
  192. How to transplant openCL to QNX?
  193. Getting an error code of -1001
  194. OpenCL Ruby Bindings
  195. Pinned Memory Again
  196. CUDA - OpenCL Interaction
  197. Orthograhic drawing with depth
  198. Orthograhic drawing with depth
  199. deafult memory value?
  200. OpenCL Kernel Performance bad (vs CPU)
  201. Problem writing to 3d image object
  202. I have a problem with opencl. please give me solution
  203. problem with atomic_cmpxchg
  204. OpenCL ICD loader - segfaults on test
  205. More problems with atomic_cmpxchg, help!!!!
  206. Using CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR
  207. Kernel build failure
  208. Different result between AMD and Nvidea devices.
  209. CL_MEM_OBJECT_ALLOCATION_FAILURE error after running for some iterations?
  210. Threads more than local work size
  211. Accessing Array using value from another Array (Raytracing Uniform Grid Traversal)
  212. OpenCL profiling tools in Windows for Nvidia Gpus
  213. Dynamic allocation of cl::Buffer
  214. Subdevice Support on Intel i5 Ivy Bridge
  215. Hello From An OpenCL Committee Member!
  216. Calling another (non kernel) function in kernel function
  217. Can I stream data from the device to the host?
  218. Executing a large kernel
  219. error with processors i7 and not with processors Duo or Quad using OpenCL
  220. opencl code concept
  221. OpenCL open source library
  222. Can we use structure of structure in opencl?
  223. Downloading and Installing OpenCL 2.0
  224. Sending 2D data to device in openCL
  225. a program to test SVM for OpenCl2.0, what's the problem of this program?
  226. Measure Time inside the kernel?
  227. Using opencl in loop
  228. Hardware supporting openCl 2.0?
  229. Profiling Info for a command?
  230. cl_platform.h': No such file or directory
  231. clCreateProgramWithBinary binaries per Device ?
  232. clSetUserEventStatus limitation
  233. Cl_device_preferred_vector_width_float = 1
  234. static equivalent in opencl Kernel?
  235. How can I reduce time for creation of buffers in OpenCL ?
  236. Tesla C2050 - OpenCL - Kernel Concurrency Issue
  237. OpenCL memory allocation problem
  238. OpenCL 2.0 Compatibility with older GPU
  239. cl::Event memory leak problem and solution
  240. HelloWorld errors
  241. creating a stack in the kernel
  242. Acces physical id of the core
  243. OpenCL and running applications
  244. A little optimization help anyone?
  245. Use of variables in kernel function using OpenCL
  246. Utilising the gpu in a headless envrionment
  247. Relation between cuda cores and compute units
  248. Need feedback on OpenCL optimization
  249. OpenGL shader conversion
  250. New bug in C++ binding in cl::LinkProgram.