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10-05-2006, 01:48 PM
I was wondering that since there are ES and normal implementations of GL and AL (which curiously is SL ES and not AL ES), will there be OpenKODE and OpenKODE ES APIs? I think it would be very good as people would have two similar sets of API for Professional and Embedded targets.

PS : Pardon my English, I'm French :D .

01-29-2007, 01:32 PM

You are right that OpenGL ES (for embedded systems) is a closely related to the OpenGL (mainly desktop) 3D API.

However - OpenSL ES (the Khronos standard) is not a direct subset of OpenAL (a Creative Labs specification). OpenSL ES provides a hardware acceleration layer for all kinds of audio processing - and OpenAL would be implementable over OpenSL ES.

The media APIs included in OpenKODE (OpenGL ES, OpenVG – and when ready – OpenMAX AL and OpenSL ES) are primarily embedded/mobile APIs – but there is no reason they would not also be useful on desktop systems – if there was a compelling market need.

OpenKODE is initially firmly focused on the mobile market as it is that market that most urgently needs standardized advanced media acceleration and application source defragmentation. If a market need arises for an OpenKODE on desktop machines (Windows already has DirectX – so perhaps Linux?) – and enough industry members wish to see a solution – there would be nothing to stop Khronos producing “OpenKODE DT

08-23-2007, 07:31 AM
Hello all,

I would like to see a complete set of portable media APIs (DirectX(tm) equivalent) which expands the success story of OpenGL to all media-related areas. It would be optimal if the APIs for PC-class hardware and the APIs for PDA-class hardware are developed in parallel and could work hand in hand to minimize at least the learning effort of software developers. Consumers with a wide range of needs could be satisfied with minimal effort.

There is mischief about Microsoft not supporting new input devices well. Nintendo Wii shows that innovation takes place in that area and people want/need it. It would be nice for the Khronos Group to step in and help to create a new, exciting market. The API for input devices can be shared among PC-class and PDA-class hardware I think.

It should be possible to write portable video applications as well. Using DirectShow(tm) is very expensive (look how everyone is proud to have managed it, I am too), and for Linux some infrastructure is missing. I wonder why OpenML is not known and supported by every board vendor of video framegrabbing cards.

It would be nice to have positional 3D sound support as well. Please include OpenAL and invite Creative Labs as a new member, they have written it so that the proprietary extension EAX is available by using an extension - like vendors do in the OpenGL realm. Of course, other sound-related tasks should be supported as well (no DirectSound(tm), Vista(tm) sound, Linux ALSA sound chaos).

And a single SDK including all needed support infrastructure which can be installed easily is crucial to get developer mind share. You can grow the Khronos Group by several orders of magnitude if you offer a complete, integrated solution. Offer the possibility for non-members to help as well, many wonder about the issue and could help in the effort instead of wondering. Missing pieces can be added from release to release, if the basic infrastructure is available.

Please make it happen, let's create a developer's paradise!

Andr Heynatz

03-19-2012, 06:48 AM
Very nice idea :wink: Let me know when this project materialize.