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02-22-2012, 12:08 AM
#define XA_VIDEOPROFILE_MPEG4_ ? ((XAuint32) 0x00000010)

What would that be? ASP?

typedef struct XAVideoCodecDescriptor_ {
XAuint32 codecId;
XAuint32 maxWidth; // these were all 0 for all decoders
XAuint32 maxHeight; // :
XAuint32 maxFrameRate; // :
XAuint32 maxBitRate; // :
XAuint32 rateControlSupported; // :
XAuint32 profileSetting;
XAuint32 levelSetting;
} XAVideoCodecDescriptor;

supported decoders: 4

note: no
mpeg2 (h262)
decoder profiles: 0 !! docs say a decoder must have at least 1

decoder profiles: 1
#define XA_VIDEOPROFILE_H263_BASELINE ((XAuint32) 0x00000001)
#define XA_VIDEOLEVEL_H263_10 ((XAuint32) 0x00000001)

decoder profiles: 2
#define XA_VIDEOPROFILE_MPEG4_SIMPLE ((XAuint32) 0x00000001)
#define XA_VIDEOLEVEL_MPEG4_5 ((XAuint32) 0x00000008)

#define XA_VIDEOPROFILE_MPEG4_ ? ((XAuint32) 0x00000010) (not in current docs or .h)
#define XA_VIDEOLEVEL_MPEG4_5 ((XAuint32) 0x00000008)

decoder profiles: 3
#define XA_VIDEOPROFILE_AVC_BASELINE ((XAuint32) 0x00000001)
#define XA_VIDEOLEVEL_AVC_4 ((XAuint32) 0x0000000C) baseline 4.0

#define XA_VIDEOPROFILE_AVC_MAIN ((XAuint32) 0x00000002)
#define XA_VIDEOLEVEL_AVC_31 ((XAuint32) 0x0000000A) main 3.1

#define XA_VIDEOPROFILE_AVC_HIGH ((XAuint32) 0x00000004)
#define XA_VIDEOLEVEL_AVC_31 ((XAuint32) 0x0000000A) high 3.1

Moto Xoom ICS 4.0.3

03-27-2012, 02:25 PM
As you have noted, that is not a registered profile value.
I suspect that the OEM/vendor has made a proprietary customization
to the implementation.