View Full Version : WebGL stops rendering(?)

04-06-2012, 06:29 PM
Hey everyone, I've been interested in WebGL and now trying to learn it, but I've encountered a problem and after searching for it can't find any similar problems, so here I am.
When I try any WebGL example:
In Chrome it usually works for about 20-30secs and then it just freezes, I know it stops rendering or something alike, it keeps running but doesn't display anything (still hear sound, reconigzes input). If I close the tab and create create a new one the WebGL will run, but don't display anything right from the start. Another thing to note, the WebGL only stops rendering when Chrome is in the foreground.

In FF, it either works or it doesn't, by work I mean run, just no display (hear sound, etc..)

Restarting the browser sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't.

Running Windows 7 64bit on an Asus N61JV
Both FF and Chrome are set to use dedicated graphics card (GeForce GT325M)
OpenGL v3.3