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  1. How to draw OpenVG rendering image on MFC window?

    Now I'm making MFC application.

    This MFC application use RI.

    so, to draw a result image on MFC window, I have to set egl initialization code to CView Class(or somewhere).

    But I don't know...
  2. The meaning of rho variable in Reference Implementation.

    Now I studying OpenVG using Reference Implementation.

    But I have a difficult in the Gradient Fill.

    In the RI, they use rho variable.
    (riPixelPipe.cpp -> PixelPipe::linearGradient)

  3. I have a question related with line algorithm.


    Now I study about ri from khronos.

    but, I'm some confuse.

    can I ask to you about what kind of algorithm used in OpenVG?

    in draw line, draw circle.
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