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  1. 3DWorld.js - framework for fast creation of 3D environments

    A simple demo of 3DWorld.js can be found here:

    The javascript file itself: ... 3DWorld.js
    (mjs.js is...
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    Re: Content protection.

    I'm all for open source. But we do live in a capitalistic society, and greedy people will be people, so here's a solution: do exactly what people who want to sell images do, but in 3D.

    You combine...
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    Re: glMatrix - Stupidly fast WebGL matricies

    You are doing something in your functions which is very unsafe. You are using

    if(!dest) { dest = mat; }

    This is very bad because users won't expect that input matrix to be changed inside the...
  4. Problems with the J3DIMath.js library used in demos

    There are several tutorials which use the J3DI.js and J3DIMath.js libraries, for example:

    There are problems I found (with some help) with this library....
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