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  1. I need to transfer the value of ad cl_platform_id...

    I need to transfer the value of ad cl_platform_id from a processus to another. I'm using an existing buffer class to transfer data and it needs its size. As I figured cl_platform_id is a pointer, I...
  2. Where can I find the definition of _cl_platform_id ?


    I try to do a sizeof on a _cl_platform_id but it gives me the error :
    invalid application of ‘sizeof’ to incomplete type ‘_cl_platform_id’
    I read that I need to get the definition of...
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    clGetPlatformIDs : Device Not Found


    I'm trying to use OpenCL on two different GPUs : Tesla C 1060 and Quadro FX 5800. When I use this code :

    cl_uint platNum;
    cl_platform_id platform;
    cl_int err;
    err ==...
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