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  1. >>Question 1: Spec does not detail about error...

    >>Question 1:
    Spec does not detail about error conditions/handling.
    I would expect if OMX_Init is not success, then OMX_Deinit is not necessary.

    >>Question 2:
    Probably i understand the...
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    >>1) Does the IL specification (1.1.2) define...

    >>1) Does the IL specification (1.1.2) define rules on how EOS should be propagated consistently or it is up to components to propagate the EOS flag as they like based on use case?

    OMX Spec 1.2...
  3. Re: OpenMAX IL clarification for using OMX_EventBufferFlag

    The same section further states:
    "....the component shall send an OMX_EventBufferFlag event for that stream when it has finished processing a buffer with OMX_BUFFERFLAG_EOS set.

    IMO, it would...
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