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    Input and output sound device


    In the open max spec1.1, I could not find any API for setting the input sound path(headphone,bluetooth,speaker..etc) as well as an API for setting the output sound path.

    Open max guys...
  2. Setting the audio path to speaker or headphone

    Hi All,

    I have a doubt on how to set the output path to a stereo or headphone while playing an audio file. Whether OMX_NATIVE_DEVICETYPE of structure OMX_PARAM_PORTDEFINITIONTYPE could be used...
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    Hi , Suppose the port is tunneled-with this if...

    Hi ,

    Suppose the port is tunneled-with this if usebuffer is called, so you would be using the buffer of a tunnelled component.Now for this the non-supplier port will have to set its header...
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    Hi, This case can be used fort instance if a...


    This case can be used fort instance if a component could perform a pre-roll of the input buffers, and it will produce buffers on output only when the transition from Pause to Executing is...
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    Hi Subhish, I think the reason for this is...

    Hi Subhish,

    I think the reason for this is that allocate buffer would initialize from the beginning whereas usebuffer would be creating a new header and use the buffer of the another port(of other...
  6. How to send the current timestamp of mp3 to IL Client

    Hi ALL,
    The Bellagio free code test example does not contain the implementation of pause,seek,resume for mp3 files. I think a Clock component would be needed to sent timestamp updates to the...
  7. Share yours thoughts

    Hi Guys,

    Even if you don't have exact idea on the mentioned query, please express your thoughts on the same, would be helpful.

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    Need path for dowloading latest Bellagio open max project

    Hi Jyothi,

    I am working on "porting"OpenMAX (Bellagio OpenMAX Integration Layer 0.2 project) project to win32, and do not have the installation of ffmpeg(mp3). It would be really helpful if you...
  9. Vendor Query regarding Open Max IL core and components

    Dear All,

    I was going through the open max IL standards, and its a great way to avoid coding an integration layer each time when we are moving to a new chipset vendor. However, I have the...
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