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  1. are DUAL graphics cards supported? Anyone using this?

    Hi guys,

    So for dual graphics cards, nVidia has SLI:
    While ATI has CrossFire:

    Now, are either of...
  2. Re: helping a beginner with basic OpenCL (simple monte carlo)

    I haven't gotten a single reply, so I did a search. It seems my request might not have been as "simple" as I had assumed:,

    A reply to which states:...
  3. Replies

    dead simple Hello World type request

    I posted this in the wrong section (technical questions). My request is a sample program (like Hello World) which does some kind of dead-simple Monte Carlo simulation in a highly parallel way; ...
  4. helping a beginner with basic OpenCL (simple monte carlo)


    I am just a total novice with both C and openCL, so please excuse me for my lack of knowledge. :oops: I was wondering if someone could help show me how to use OpenCL since I don't understand...
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