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  1. Re: Wrong OpenGL Texture Format Type for CL/GL-Interop?

    Nevermind, I've found the solution.

    The trouble was with the grabbed frames (as probably everybody except me can guess from the screenshot). I grabbed RGB and in the kernel read the pixels using...
  2. cl::vector vs std::vector: different iterator behaviour

    I don't understand the different behaviour of the cl::vector<> in the C++ bindings for OpenCL. Consider the following code:

    Header Top.hpp:

    class Top {
    void setBool(bool b);
  3. Wrong OpenGL Texture Format Type for CL/GL-Interop?

    I'm trying the OpenCL-OpenGL interop for textures on my Geforce 330M with CUDA Toolkit 4.0.

    I want to capture a frame, use that data as an input image (Image2D) to a OpenCL Kernel. The Kernel...
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