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  1. how can i use similar gluLookAt in openGL|ES 2.0?

    As i know, gluLookAt API is not exist in GL|ES 2.0.
    so i had found a way to replace the API like below. ... ookat.html

    but when i use the way, the result...
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    I want to know the type of this effect.

    you can see the effect in
    maybe that seems to only 2D graphic effect,
    but i want to implement 3D effect similar to the site navigation.

    1.Could you let me know the type...
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    Re: Loading png image

    I recommend using FreeImage opensource.
  4. [Anti-aliasing] how do i remove aliasing problem on ES1.0?

    hello, nice to meet you.
    I am beginner programmer in opengl-es. (using android emulator)
    And i have tried to use as following codes to remove aliasing problem.

    public void onDrawFrame(GL10...
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