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  1. Ambiguous description of vgWritePixels/vgReadPixels


    The OpenVG spec

    "OpenVG Specification
    Version 1.0.1
    Version 1.0 - August 1, 2005
    Amended January 26, 2007"

    reads (page 128): "The vgReadPixels function allows pixel data to be copied...
  2. What is the difference bettwen VGImage and EGLSurface?

    What is the difference between a VGImage and an EGLSurface? Or to ask a bit differently: What IS an EGLSurface? The OpenVG spec defines a VGImages as "a rectangular collection of pixels", but that is...
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    No image format 24 bit RGB?


    is it possible to have an OpenVG image in format VG_lRGB_888? The spec doesn't mention this format. EGL offers a configuration with 24 bit EGL_BUFFER_SIZE and without alpha channel. How can I...
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