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  1. Re: OpenMAX IL clarification of queuing of commands

    Thanks for your reply Roger. I have been keeping abreast of the issue via the OpenMAX IL Work Group mailing list, and look forward to a resolution.

  2. OpenMX IL Clarification of OMX_IndexAutoPauseAfterCapturing


    According to the OpenMAX IL v1.1.1 specification, OMX_IndexAutoPauseAfterCapturing index is used to determine whether the component is paused after a capture has been performed on the...
  3. OpenMAX IL clarification of queuing of commands


    I have a query regarding processing of the OMX_CommandMarkBuffer and OMX_StateSet commands. My use case is as follows:

    Initial condition:
    - OMX_StateExecuting
    - No input buffers in the...
  4. OpenMAX IL clarification of OMX state in the case of timeout


    When the IL Client requests a transition from OMX_StateIdle to OMX_StateLoaded state, it is possible for the component to send the OMX_ErrorPortUnresponsiveDuringDeallocation event to the...
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