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    Re: glTexParameter

    For consistency with desktop OpenGL.


    What is the point of glTexParameterf on desktop then?
  2. Re: OMX IL v1.1.1: Enumerated list of frame sizes?

    Obviously this is not in the spec 1.2.
    I would like to extend that to list of supported frame rates too.
    But should it be assumed that all frame sizes and frame rates are supported by all formats?...
  3. Re: OMX IL: OMX_IndexParamVideoPortFormat xFrameRate

    I would like to know that too.
  4. Switching video port coding type from unused to used.

    What does the standard say about the ability to switch a video port from a certain video coding type (color format unused)
    to a certain color format (coding unused), using one call to...
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