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    I can't find anything about matrix addition....

    I can't find anything about matrix addition. There is no OpMatrixAndMatrix, OpFAdd accepts scalars and vectors but matrices. Tested matrix addition with GLSLang reference compiler, it simply prints...
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    please add gl_ClipDistance or gl_ClipVertex

    These are so important for our high performance GUI system.
    In our GUI system, nearly every widget, such as buttons, lit control items, each has its own clipping region.
    Typically there are more...
  3. Please add GL_QUADS for core OpenGL ES (not GL_QUAD_STRIP)

    Unlike desktop opengl 3, there is no geometry shaders in OpenGL ES 3.
    Drawing fonts, billboards etc. get u a lot of headache.
    with GL_QUADS draw them in just 1 glDrawArrays.
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