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  1. Re: support for none case sensitive languages

    Yeah, CL naming scheme causes quite a lot of naming collisions in non-case sensitive languages (such as Delphi).

    cl_device_type, CL_DEVICE_TYPE
    cl_context_properties, CL_CONTEXT_PROPERTIES...
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    Re: missing Double and Half FP_CONFIG

    CL_DEVICE_DOUBLE_FP_CONFIG + CL_DEVICE_HALF_FP_CONFIG are both part of extensions (cl_khr_fp64 + cl_khr_fp16), so they will only appear in cl_ext.h (which isn't available atm from Khronos, but you...
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    extensions for cl / cl_gl + header files

    When more extensions are added, are they going to be included in separate header files?, and if so, how are they going to be organised?

    Will there be 2 "ext" header files (eg. cl_ext.h +...
  4. Re: Who will write the platform -> driver interface specs ?

    They now export undecorated names in v2.0-beta4 of the ATI Stream SDK.

    AMD have already done this with v2.0-beta4, I'm assuming NVidias next release will have undecorated names too, not just...
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    Re: sharing memory objects with opengl

    They can be found at:
    in particular:
  6. Re: How to report NVidia OpenCL driver problems?

    Thanks, will report at that forum.
  7. How to report NVidia OpenCL driver problems?

    Is there some way to report problems with the NVidia OpenCL drivers?

    The problem I want to report is that if you call clCreateBuffer with host_ptr<>NULL and CL_MEM_ALLOC_HOST_PTR in flags (and not...
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