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  1. Re: Iterations And GlobalRange Difficulty (Related?)

    Hello EveryOne!

    Just writing to say that my problem was solved.

    The problem wasn't the global range size, but the bad management of resources in the kernel. Since i had my kernel, optimized,...
  2. Re: Iterations And GlobalRange Difficulty (Related?)

    Thanks for the reply!
    About question nš2, i made that way to try optimize, but now i realize that i only initialize that for the first work group :)

    But even if i use it as global, the...
  3. Iterations And GlobalRange Difficulty (Related?)

    Hi everyone!

    I'm benchmarking a parallelized algorithm and i wanted to run 1000 iterations of it.

    The thing is, my global range for a single iteration is 82369, to make those 1000 iterations i...
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    Re: Beginner question: understanding NDRange

    So, if i call this opencl function size_t get_local_id (uint dimindx) , this would return an unidimensional id of a work-item from a workgroup in the dimindx Dimension. Right?

    And the if i want a...
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    Kernel Function calls incoherence

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new in OpenCL World, and right now all I've been doing is nothing but research. But I've something incoherence with my knowledge and the OpenCL Specs.

    During my research i...
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