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  1. Drawing masked sprites (textured quad with alpha channel)

    Hi, i would like to know how to draw a sprite (rendered using a textured quad) on the screen in such a way that some parts of it are not rendered at all (masked).

    For example, suppose i have a...
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    Re: Fragment shader for detecting contour pixels

    Thx, it was not difficult, but it was absolutely my first shader at all!
    And obviously yes, i will do that job off-line. Thx for your advice!
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    Fragment shader for detecting contour pixels


    i have the need to do the following thing. I am working with a 2D engine called cocos2D-x. This engine draws the sprite of the game as textured quads.
    Texture have alpha component. Pixels...
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    Question about eglSwapBuffers under windows

    Hi, is it possible that a call eglSwapBuffers will in some way allow windows to process messages? I ask this because in my event-based app i have a method called regularly by a timer (the method is...
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    Re: Allocating memory for kernels

    Ok. To sum up: you allocate enough memory on the host (for example, if the maximum objects you expect to find is M, you allocate a buffer to contain M objects), run the GPU algorithm. You could end...
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    Allocating memory for kernels


    two fast questions:

    1] is it possible to allocate dynamically memory in a kernel? (i suppose that the answer is
    no and that only constant memory can be allocated at compile time).

  7. Re: Can a kernel function call another kernel function?

    Hi David,

    i don't know. The software library should work with different systems:

    -mobile platforms (mainly iOs, Android and Symbian)
  8. Re: Can a kernel function call another kernel function?

    Hi David,

    thank you for your reply. I have another question, which is not really in-topic with the other but i will take this opportunity to ask you anyway.

    I was thinking about component...
  9. Can a kernel function call another kernel function?

    Hi all,

    i have two algorithm. The first process an image and computes a set of points of interest (like corners). The second takes an image and a set of interest point as input parameters and does...
  10. OpenCL and plain C++ implementatios of the same algorithm


    i am writing a software library that has some of its algorithms implemented in two different way: an OpenCL implementation and a plain C++ implementation. The problem i am facing, among many...
  11. Thread: Image objects

    by lucafr

    Image objects


    i am currently giving a look to OpenCL. I just wanted to ask a question regarding image objects. In OpenCL, one can allocate memory on the devices accessible to kernerls.
    Ok. What is the...
  12. Obj-coordinates to pixel-coordinates: wich steps?

    Hi to all,

    i hope someone can help me with my problem.

    Suppose that i have a transformation matrix R, a vector T and that i use R and T to model the object-> eye transformation of a point U...
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    Using bitmaps as a background

    i am working with OpenGL Es in Symbian 9.1. In my application, every frame i have a bitmap.
    I need to use it as the background. I would like to render on it some 3D graphics and then put it on...
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