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  1. Re: [need another set of eyes] update rect slanting image

    Yeah, I noticed that the code tags really elongated my code. I was hoping it'd be something stupid on my part. lol. basically, what I'm trying to do is to only update the screen texture with the...
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    Re: Developing OpenGL ES on Windows?

    You can also use embedded Visual C++ 4.0 from Microsoft to compile for most pocket pc's & smartphones. It's completely free. :)

    Then you can use khronos's own ogles header files & libraries to...
  3. [need another set of eyes] update rect slanting image

    I'm having a real problem with my code. I'm working on rewriting gx to use opengl es. My setup for the graphics portion are as follows:
    1. 1 texture which simulates the screen buffer
    2. 2 arrays...
  4. Thread: Text on Vincent

    by ycavan

    Re: Text on Vincent

    I would recommend looking up typhoon labs's tutorials... they use a bitmapped font class to present their fps. I'm sure you could borrow that class. :)
  5. Re: vincent not working on wince device with goforce5500

    I have an MSM7200 chipset phone that previously didn't have opengl es support either. Just recently, a group developed drivers to make use of the hw acceleration. My questiont to you is:

    1. do...
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