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  1. How to know if the kernels are executing concurrently?

    I have a NVIDIA GPU with Compute Capabiity 3.0, so it should support 16 concurrent kernels. I am starting 10 kernels by looping through clEnqueueNDRangeKernel for 10 times. Each of the kernel is tied...
  2. Running opencl .exe file with just graphics driver installed

    I have developed a simple image processing OpenCL application on Windows 7 Ultimate, VS2010 and I want to run the .exe file of this application on another system. Basically the platforms are...
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    Re: Read Image via OpenCL commands

    Hi David,

    How do I send an image to the kernel. I have used the clCreateImage2D to allocate a buffer for the image which is now a float array.

    I mean how do I send the image directly in the...
  4. Error with clEnqueueMapBuffer.. Getting wrong results.

    I am getting wrong output for the code below. I guess the problem is with clEnqueueMapBuffer but I am not getting where I am going wrong..

    int main (int argc, char **argv)
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    help with using clCreateImage2D

    I am pretty much new to OpenCL.
    I want to read a jpeg image file into the kernel, do some processing, get the results back to the host and output the image file into some other location. I am...
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