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  1. Thread: WHY?

    by joird


    I stumbled upon this topic when I was scrolling across this forum.

    I did some research and WebCL seems like an interesting idea.

    My first impression was that it would be nice to give web...
  2. Re: Dynamically creating 2 dimensional local memory arrays

    Those are two work arounds that I have used.

    Declaring a local memory array within the scope of the kernel is one way to make a 2D array. But the allocation size then becomes static. I couldn't...
  3. Need a way to calculate theoretical FLOPS of a device

    We can query some information about a device, such as the number of compute units and the clock speed. Seeing how many compute units that are present isn't very descriptive in terms of estimating the...
  4. Dynamically creating 2 dimensional local memory arrays

    In openCL you can specify the amount of local memory you want to allocate in a kernel from host code by specifing the amount of memory to allocate in a parameter for local memory with the command
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