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  1. Re: Android: eglCreateWindowSurface - invalid arguments

    Replacing 'mApplication->window' for 'EGLNativeWindowType window' solved the problem. :mrgreen:
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    Re: Appropriate way to moving camera

    The "translate View camera" is the natural way to go. Let us know how it goes or if you have still some problem. 8)
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    Re: texture2D function on Android 3.2

    What exactly do you have inside the "diffuse" variable? Have you initialized it? :?: :!: :?:

    Also, can you show what do you have in "uTex, vTexCoord"? This information might help to point what...
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    Re: opengl es 2 vs opengl es 1.0

    Several parameters and sintaxes are a bit different. So, no... ES 1.0 code will not run on ES 2.0. :)

    If you run ES 2 or ES 1, the difference is the way you specify your library header. 8)
  5. Android: eglCreateWindowSurface - invalid arguments

    Hi Everybody!

    I am trying to debug and run a OGLES on Native C++ in my Android device. The point is that I got an error and see no reason for that. Here is the line from the code that the debugger...
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