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    GCN Assembler for Linux

    Hi. I released a complete and rich GCN assembler for Linux/Unix.

    It is here: CLRadeonExtender
    Documentation (ugly, but it is): CLRXToc
    Downloads: ClrxDownloads
    This is early alpha version that...
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    New yet another Opencl c++ Wrapper - clpp

    Hi, I wrote small and compact the OpenCL C++ wrapper library few months ago.
    It is available at
    This library is single header file that supports:
    * OpenCL 1.0,...
  3. New bug in C++ binding in cl::LinkProgram.

    One of function cl::linkProgram passes improper Context for clLinkProgram (exactly default Context).

    inline Program linkProgram(
    VECTOR_CLASS<Program> inputPrograms,
    const char*...
  4. cl.hpp resource leaks (memory leaks) (but not too important).

    In some places cl.hpp file the vector assignment has been used (for example in createKernels method or getSubDevices). In cl::Program::createKernels method I found trivial bug (caused by using wrong...
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