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    Re: Help for a beginner

    I got some suggestions for you.
    I think that firstly you need to read some basic materials about what OpenCL is,when to use it. The openCL standard is a very good material for you.
    After that I...
  2. I want to recommend very exellent forum in China

    I'd like to share some very excellent forums in China with you.
    In fact , there are a lot of very good programmers in China who are very outstanding.
    So I recommend to Connect this...
  3. Hello?Id like to translate the book "OpenCL Programming Gu"

    Hello, everyone, to enable more people have a quick access to this technic, I 'd like to translate the "OpenCL Programming Guide" writen by Aaftab Munshi into Chinese.
    As I have no idea how to buy...
  4. I've got an idea about building a forum of OpenCL

    Hello, Everyone. I've got an idea about building a forum of OpenCL in China.
    As I am a Chinese student , I find that most students and engineers are not very familiar with English , so to make more...
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