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  1. Web Browser support.

    Given how important web-based graphics has become, having WebVulkan (for want of a better term) built in from Day #1 rather than wedged in as an afterthought like WebGL/WebCL seems important and...
  2. Thread: WebGL + PHP

    by SteveBaker

    Re: WebGL + PHP

    PHP runs on the server side of things - and emits files that are then sent to the client/browser.

    WebGL runs inside the client/browser - called from JavaScript.

    So, you can of course emit...
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    Re: Shader Issues

    I have never come across a machine where it took more than a small fraction of a second to compile a single shader. If it's taking 90 seconds then you have something truly outrageous going on...
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    Re: Image part as texture

    I don't know of a direct way to only download a part of an image - you're always going to have to download it all.

    However, you could render the section of the image that you're interested in into...
  5. Thread: Heightmaps

    by SteveBaker

    Re: Heightmaps

    As with OpenGL, there is no specific support for heightmaps - that's what you write shader code for.

    The tricky part is that most heightmap implementations require either geometry shader support...
  6. Re: Camera - calculating direction, up and right vectors

    For a simple rotate/translate matrix:

    m12/13/14 is the XYZ of the translation.
    m0/1/2 is the X vector
    m4/5/6 is the Y vector
    m8/9/10 is the Z vector

    ...if you have scales or shears or...
  7. Re: Camera - calculating direction, up and right vectors

    Maybe this old FAQ of mine will help: ... iends.html
  8. Re: [Android] faces appear semi transparent on one side

    DO you have appropriate near and far clip planes? It looks like you have a lack of Z culling...but you seem to have enabled the depth buffer....maybe extreme poor precision?

    -- Steve
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    Re: Limits of GLSL Arrays

    The answer is it's implementation dependent.

    However, the usual trick is to pack large arrays into textures - which gives you a practical limit up in the millions. You can generally rely on...
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    Re: OpenGL Problem

    Just a wild-assed guess - but maybe you have bad video drivers! Upgrade to the latest versions and try again.
  11. Re: Firefox Minefield Error/warning message: not well-formed

    I still think it's whatever code comes BEFORE the bit you quoted.
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    Re: can iPhone OS support OpenCL?

    Well, if it's supported on the iPhone3 or earlier - it'll be in the CPU. GPU shaders don't appear until iPhone4 I think.
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    Re: how to create a menu with text

    Well, you could create a font in a texture and render quadrilaterals with the appropriate texture coordinates to create letters.

    But why bother? You have the whole of HTML5 at your disposal?

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    Re: Mesh rendering problem

    Are you using skeletal mesh rendering?

    If so, how are you conveying the bone information to the shader?

    I've seen similar issues that can be diagnosed as trying to send bones as uniform...
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    Re: WebGl using C++

    In an online setup, JavaScript runs on the client's computer (the person who is reading the web page). We don't allow compiled languages like C++ to run in the browser because it's a gigantic...
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    Re: Cube with holes

    Well, you could do as the person in that forum suggested and try to use the stencil buffer to implement "Constructive solid geometry" (CSG). Check out the Wikipedia article:

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    Re: Rendering axis-aligned geometry

    Well, if you're rendering a triangle strip, you're only sending ~one vertex per triangle - so it's pretty lean already.

    But you're right, each vertex is totally independent and the vertex shaders...
  18. Re: Has anyone used a texture atlas and used it in Chrome?

    I guarantee it didn't "fix" anything - you still have an underlying problem - you're just covering it up. I'm sure it'll show up again in some other way, even with antialiassing turned off.

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    Re: What is the meaning of a naked type?

    Just because the syntax matches the BNF doesn't mean that it has meaning.

    Almost all language specs are like that. Take C++ for example; It pains me that I'm not allowed to write:

    x ^= y...
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    Re: Using integer types to specify geometry

    Yes, you can do it - and on most GPU's it'll help.

    The trade-off is in the savings in memory and bus bandwidth from sending less data - versus the extra time it takes the GPU to convert the data...
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    Re: Open Box Problem

    You need to adjust the numbers in the cubeVertexIndices array. When you removed those four vertices, you caused all of the vertices after that to have index values that are four smaller.
  22. Re: Has anyone used a texture atlas and used it in Chrome?

    I agree that it sounds like you have inside-out geometry that's Z-fighting with forward-facing geometry.
  23. Re: Has anyone used a texture atlas and used it in Chrome?

    OK - so if you ENABLE back face culling and clear the screen to (say) red - your artifacts disappear?

    Can I see a screen shot of that?
  24. Re: Has anyone used a texture atlas and used it in Chrome?

    I'm pretty sure you have it backwards:

    If you disable back face culling then what you see through the gap is the inside of the model - which is going to be very similar in color to the front face...
  25. Re: Has anyone used a texture atlas and used it in Chrome?

    So did you try the experiment of clearing the screen to some other color and looking to see if the cracks are background-color?

    -- Steve
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