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  1. Re: How OpenCL chooses which vendor's library to link @ runt

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
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    Re: OpenCL on CUDA architecture

    From my understanding Nvidia's OpenCL implementation is built on top of CUDA. So when you compile an OpenCL implementation using Nvidia's toolchain they generate some CUDA assembly.

  3. How OpenCL chooses which vendor's library to link @ runtime?

    I am a little naive with how this works, I was hoping to get some clarification here.

    Say I have a PC with an intel CPU and an AMD GPU. From what I understand, there will be implementations of the...
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    Re: arbitrary size matrix multiplication

    I assume that what you are doing is having each thread or work-item calculate one item in the resulting matrix. Most of my GPU coding experience is from CUDA, I am still getting used to the OpenCL...
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