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    animation in openGL ES1.0

    i have to use 3dsmax files(.max) in my openGL ES1.0 source code.Firstly i m convrtng it to .3ds files and then using it in source code.
    I downloaded a 3ds loader from net...but its giving me only...
  2. animation

    i found that loader. but i m not able to load the animation data.
    as input i have 3dsmax files. firstly i m converting that to .3ds files to call in openGL source code. but when i use this loader...
  3. Load '3ds max files' with "openGL ES1.0"

    Dear All :)

    I am Software Engineer in Samsung. I have one urgent query.
    In my project I need to load '3ds max files' with "openGL ES1.0".
    please help me.
    its very urgent.

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