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    OpenCL wrapper Overhead

    Every time setKernelArgs is called it calls clreleaseMemObject then clRetainMemObject. This really adds up. for 10 setKernelArgs it is taking at least 0.2-0.4ms.
  2. Re: Feature request: transfer bandwidth specification / prio

    You probably want to put this is the "Suggestions for next release" forum.
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    Re: 16 bit integer Atomics

    Hmmm...unless I am just crazy I don't see how that would work with atomic_inc?
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    Re: Kernel uses too much local data

    You can disable optimization using "-cl-opt-disable" if you think that is the problem.

    Also you can use the implementers offline compiler tools such as those from AMD and OpenCL to see what the...
  5. Re: OpenGL-Interop for 16bit Unsigned Integer (GL_LUMINANCE1


    It isn't an extension it simply happens to work on Nvidia hardware ("supports" was probably not the correct word choice in my previous post). I while I am sure someone at NVidia thought...
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    Re: 16 bit integer Atomics

    Why? 16bit computations are commonplace these days.
  7. OpenGL-Interop for 16bit Unsigned Integer (GL_LUMINANCE16UI)

    Surely I am not the only person with 16bit integer textures so I am confused why this wasn't planned or at least an optional feature. If you only have a single channel there is no reason to have to...
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    16 bit integer Atomics

    This came up recently and seemed somewhat silly as we have 32bit and 64bit atomics. It was frustrating to have to send over a much larger buffer when all I needed was 16bit unsigned shorts.
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    Re: OpenCL books

    NOTE TO MODERATORS: Can we get a sticky for reviews (not just mine) of the current books and document on OpenCL? I know people ask these questions a lot and I know I have written this information in...
  10. Re: I can't get a basic opencl program to run

    Also The book you are using is very good(I use it all the time) but they only have sample code for four of the chapters. The other two opencl books have code from the very beginning which may be very...
  11. Re: I can't get a basic opencl program to run

    Hi biokhar,

    The basic includes for opencl are different for the mac versus the rest of the world. You will want to put something like the following at the beginning of your code:

    #ifdef MAC...
  12. Re: Screen grabber on GPU for openCL/openGL/cuda

    You are mistaken on how OpenCL and OpenGL actually work as CUDA nor OpenCL NEVER display anything. They do not have the ability to display. They have buffers that can be displayed by OpenGL or...
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    Re: OpenCL without Nvidia or AMD?

    To be clear you can write programs around OpenCL without a driver but you CAN NOT compile the OpenCL code (.cl) files without an OpenCL compiler. This compiler is usually in the driver because the...
  14. Re: Kernel code is not working for NVIDIA GPU but working CP

    You need to show the code for use to have any idea of helping.
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    Re: Strange problem wirting to image

    It doesn't look like you are waiting for the kernel to finish. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel is not blocking so you may be reading before the GPU is done working. either create an event and wait for it to...
  16. Re: OpenCL/OpenGL Problems: clEnqueue{Acquire|Release}GLObje

    You are timing the kernel execution and the context switch using the code you have provided. enqueueNDRangeKernel will return almost immediately and then the kernel runs later. If you want to...
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    Re: Open CL Support for Solaris

    I would also like to see Solaris support but after talking with Nivida reps at GTC this year it sounds like they are not even remotely interested.
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