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  1. Re: address space qualifiers and pointers to arrays

    Both declarations declare a pointer to an array of 12 floats, even though the syntax for dereferencing the pointer is different.

    Consider the five examples below; these are fully equivalent and...
  2. Re: address space qualifiers and pointers to arrays

    But this is not a pointer to a pointer, this is a pointer to a 3x4 matrix (i.e., a pointer to a memory area holding 12 consecutive floats).
  3. address space qualifiers and pointers to arrays

    The following code works on Nvidia, but the AMD and Intel OpenCL compilers complain about the absence of a valid address space qualifier:

    __kernel void foo(__global float...
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    CL/cl.hpp: Problems with reference counting

    In CL/cl.hpp, line 1222, there is a constructor Wrapper::Wrapper(const cl_type &obj) that is used to wrap a C-style object into a C++ style object. Unlike the copy constructor, it does not call...
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    Re: OpenCL profiling tools for Linux

    OpenCL support in the visual profiler seems broken with the latest nvidia driver/toolkit. It used to work well with the cuda 4.2 toolkit and the 295.41 driver.
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