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  1. Re: Single context, multiple devices, where does the memory go?

    very informative bits of information on this thread, thanks all! i too was just wondering where the mem is allocated since the device id is never mentioned with clCreateBuffer.
  2. Re: confusion compute unit/stream proc/warp/work gp/threads

    first of all a big thanks to dbs2 & ibbles. a lot of my doubts are now cleared. it feels like i can breath some air. :mrgreen:

    -so basically a compute unit is a multi processor than contains 8...
  3. confusion compute unit/stream proc/warp/work gp/threads

    ok i am just getting into openCL. and there is a lot of confusion i am having wrt to translating hardware and software groups.

    i have a gtx 285 and it is having 240 cuda streaming processors. But...
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