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  1. Optimizing multiple kernel calls for large arrays


    I have a large 1-D array of size >= 2^32.

    I am using OpenCL on the GPU and/or CPU to test my system out that processes a simple function on each element of this enormous array. (for...
  2. Re: OpenCL slow compiling of multiple kernel code

  3. OpenCL slow compiling of multiple kernel code

    I have many kernels in my OpenCL file and I am using the NVIDIA OpenCL implementation to compile the code, and it takes a full 40 seconds to do so. Having just 1 kernel in the file takes 0.42...
  4. multiple OpenCL applications and global memory effects

    Hello !

    I have multiple applications that use OpenCL and that run on the same workstation which has for simplicity say 1 OpenCL capable device.

    So let's take 2 applications A and B....
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