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  1. Re: Vectorizing for AMD; can't write output buffer elements

    Well, I think the crashes are normal. What you would need to do here in this context is try to range the dad inside obuf. Perhaps, the graphic card could also be responsible why you are experiencing...
  2. Re: Differences between OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL 2.0

    I too had been on the lookout for some documents that pertained to the differences between Open GL 2.0 and Open GL ES 2.0. Since both of them are quite similar in function, I was wondering what made...
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    I too am having the same situation when I try to make a CL Buffer from a GL Buffer. From what I can understand, the problem seems to be somehow with the driver of my AMD. Do you think that updating...
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    Re: Small matrix operations

    Well, small matrix operations are a bit on the edge if you would ask me. Anyway, nice to see you come up with an idea which seems to thwart branching in a easier manner. I think once you can manage...
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