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  1. Re: What about removing difficulties for developers to downl

    its also great to see that no one has replied to any of these posts in the last 2 MONTHS
  2. Re: What about removing difficulties for developers to downl

    This project seems to be going nowhere, have you read the licence? if you download it you cant even share it with your fellow developers... so its not really Open now is it. Its not accesable... and...
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    Re: OpenML sample implementation

    Heh, so then it's not really open is it? Seems like we need to get a open-source version in the works asap(based on the Sgi dmSdk)

    Maybe the guys at Mesa would be interested in starting this up?
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    Re: Where can I download openML SDK???

    if it were truely open-ml you would take advantage of some of the open-source programmers out there who would be more than happy to help out... :D
  5. Re: Where can I download the C++ files for OpenML?

    I read that the newer wildcat cards (read this about the 6000 series) ship with openml libraries and/or support... can you expand on this? what does this mean? can i write code on a sgi and run it on...
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    openml sdk download


    When is sgi going to update the OpenML linux sdk on their website? There are quite a few developers out there who are dying to get their hands on the code and very few people have redhat 6.2...
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