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    I haven't had the same experience. Some uniforms...

    I haven't had the same experience. Some uniforms I set at initialization time and never change them, whereas other uniforms are changes every call. I switch programs a lot, too, because I don't have...
  2. (1) GPU usually uses less power than CPU because...

    (1) GPU usually uses less power than CPU because it has specialized graphics instructions.
    (2) GPU likes to draw to the whole window, because it uses double-buffering, and the other buffer may not...
  3. How to detect that a GPU can have an RGB FBO?

    I have code that renders to textures in frame buffer objects using GLES2. It seems that I can do this with RGBA textures on all devices. On many devices, I can have an RGB texture FBO, but this fails...
  4. How to detect that a fragment shader can handle loops

    I am writing code that is expected to run on a wide variety of Android and iOS devices, and one of my shaders uses loops. On some GPUs it compiles and runs fine, and sometimes fast. On other devices,...
  5. How to tell when GL_MIRRORED_REPEAT is implemented for NPOT textures?

    I believe that GL_OES_texture_npot and GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two indicate that GL_MIRRORED_REPEAT can be used with NPOT textures. However, none of the following report this extension:

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    Pixel formats and types and endian

    I assume that when using RGBA with UNSIGNED BYTE, that the byte ordering is identical whether on a big or little endian system.
    Similarly with...
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