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  1. I would look at ViennaCL or ArrayFire as a...

    I would look at ViennaCL or ArrayFire as a starting point. I don't know their specific capabilities, but their general page looks like they might be a good starting point.
  2. Re: Writing a Kernel for a Explicit Method Heat Equation

    Double precision vs Single Precision? What GPU are you using?

    You can also test this in two ways:
    1) Write a version of your CPU code to use floats instead of doubles. Compare your differences...
  3. Re: Running opencl .exe file with just graphics driver insta

    Does the code work on your development machine? Do you have any other DLLs in your linker that you've specified? If you're missing a DLL, I believe Windows will tell you as much.

    Have you tried...
  4. Re: I can't get a basic opencl program to run

    I've had some strange issues with the AMD APP SDK on my Windows 7 64-bit machine. OpenCL would throw an unhandled exception when it was installed. There were a few DLLs that I had to rename (cant...
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    Re: Starter: matrix mul

    That's (un)fortunately the good and bad part about OpenCL. There is no built-in matrix multiplication in the OpenCL standard. Additionally, there is no restrictions on the amount of memory that you...
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    Re: opencl programming

    Is that your entire code? I don't see your kernel (what is compiled), nor do I see your commands for compiling.

    Make sure you have an SDK installed so that you can use OpenCL. AMD/NVIDIA/Intel...
  7. Re: Researches with OpenCL and simple code with binaries

    I've not done much outside of individual multi-card workstations (not HPC in the traditional sense), but you have to read the results very carefully.

    Most places will present the time results as...
  8. Re: Worth getting second card to avoid freezes?

    Try using the nVidia developer drivers...I've found that sometimes the latest release drivers don't work so happily with OpenCL.

    I agree with David it on the CPU (Go get AMD's APP SDK...
  9. Re: File-level var, touched by passed-in param, becomes unus

    From my understanding, you are correct. The reason for that is that you could have multiple copies of that kernel running in parallel, and each one could be trying to assign the value to that...
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    Re: Program Build Error

    what is your "other system" that the code works on?
  11. Re: compile prob: ext. func __sind can't be found (NO double

    Without seeing your kernel code, there's only so much we can do to help you. Also, some of us do not frequent these forums every day, so give us a bit of time to look over and come up with a...
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    Re: 'y' is not a member of cl_float2

    You're about the 5th or 6th person I've seen with this complaint (I being one of the others). As a workaround (since I know my code is never going to run outside of my machine), I've gotten rid of...
  13. Re: Hello?Id like to translate the book "OpenCL Programming

    I'm not sure if you can...the intellectual property of that book belongs to the publisher/authors, and without their permission, you can't duplicate it, even by translating it.
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    Re: double precision math builtins on OSX

    Can a GT 330M actually do double precision? I didn't think it could.
  15. Re: Linking problems with Nvidia`s OpenCL-Library in VS 2009

    Should this go in its own thread?

    Anyway, the Optimus technology is a dynamic switching technology that goes between the integrated graphics (Intel HD graphics card) and the NVidia graphics card,...
  16. Re: Coding : opencl information when program starts ....

    I'd imagine you'd have to query the hardware and lookup in a table.

    If(GPUDeviceName == SomethingInMyDatabase)
    Tell User to Get Newer Drivers; point in the right direction...
  17. Re: Multiple multicore CPUs and Fusion or Sandy Bridge


    It appears that the Sandy Bridge GPUs are non-programmable - that could limit the use of OpenCL to just...
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    Re: Which driver

    I have had good luck with the release drivers, as the developer drivers don't seem to work as well with OpenCL as they do for CUDA (they probably havn't touched the OpenCL drivers in a long while,...
  19. Re: Multiple multicore CPUs and Fusion or Sandy Bridge

    I think it would depend on AMD/Intel's OpenCL driver to handle that - and it might be a quest best asked on their developer forums.

    My guess would be that they would try to have it be a single...
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    Re: reg sudoku problem

    Your code is not buggy - it's just not written correctly.
    Each work item is writing to the same location in res. Thus, the last work item to finish will be writing the last value to it.

    What I'd...
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    Re: Beginning OpenCL and "Access violation"

    First off, I'd use the Visual Studio debugger to step through your code and find out where things are going wonky. For some reason, my suspicion is in the releasing of the OpenCL objects (I've...
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    Re: Getting started on MacOs X 10.6

    I don't have a mac, so I'm taking a stab here - but make sure that you are using the right OpenCL version (1.0 vs 1.1). If you are attempting to use the 1.1 .hpp file, and your OpenCL version on...
  23. Re: When is a command queue actually executed?

    I think you are confusing the command queue as a one-time use item.

    Apologies in advance, as I'm in a bit of a rush to really recall the proper terminology here. From my understanding, there are...
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    Re: OpenCL on MacBook Pro with NVidia 320m

    What information do you have saying the CPU is faster than your GPU?

    Also, that message is a good message - it means that you have initialized your hardware correctly.

    The main thing I see...
  25. Re: Visual studio problem with cl_vector types

    I can confirm that the 'shortcuts' don't work.

    What has worked for me is to use ".s[]" , so, for example, with your code,

    cl_float4 VS;
    VS.s[0] = 1.0f;
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