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  1. GL_OML_subsample extension supported on which video cards?


    I'm trying to use the GL_OML_subsample extension to enable downsampling from a 4:4:4 YCrCb buffer to a 4:2:2 YCrCb buffer. According to the OpenML spec, enabling this extension allows use...
  2. image processing in OpenML using GL_ARB_imaging extensio

    I am now trying to get a transcoder based on nullxcode to do something useful. My first
    task is to switch the red and blue channels of the incoming video stream, for which I wrote the code below.
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    Re: OpenML for mac os x

    I'd also really like to know this as much of the graphics market runs on Macs. The UNIX base of OSX seems like a natural evolutionary direction for OpenML. Is there any work being done on this?
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    Mac OS X port planned?

    I'm sure this has been discussed, but it would be very useful to have a Mac OS X version of the OpenML SDK at some point to really enable cross platform development.

    Is this planned? When?
  5. Re: Transferring OpenML video buffer to OpenGL texture

    Yup--it actually works pretty well. I'm using a $50 Hauppauge WinTV card. Here's the **heavily** hacked code. It's hardwired to work at 640x480 which is the output of the WinTV card. If you don't...
  6. Transferring OpenML video buffer to OpenGL texture

    I modified the vidtogfx.c example so that it works under Linux and displays video. I am now trying to map the live video onto OpenGL polygons. The command in the vidtogfx.c example that draws the 2D...
  7. Thread: vidtogfx failure

    by emack

    Re: vidtogfx failure

    I am in almost precisely the same situation. Red Hat 8, Hauppauge WinTV card shows up fine under mlquery, but vidtogfx doesn't work.

    I emailed their support and got some feedback--turns out the...
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    compiling SDK using Cygwin?

    I followed the instructions in the 1.0 alpha SDK manual to install Cygwin and the SDK, typed source ./SET_ENV in the C:/ml directory, and reset the last line in cygwin.bat to tcsh -l. When I try the...
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    DV decoding module for Windows?


    Will there be a DV decoding/encoding OpenML module that is compatible with OHCI Firewire cards available soon? This is my primary area of interest so it would be very useful to make my...
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