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  1. Re: Is it possible to write a function in a kernel file

    I'm also a little unclear on what exactly is being asked but I'll try to answer.

    You can define auxiliary functions within .cl files. (.cl being the typical file type used to store kernels).
  2. Re: typedef cl_float4 cl_float3; cl_platform.h

    They shouldn't and they won't. cl_float3 is identical in size, alignment, and behavior to cl_float4.

    It's really just there to let you write self-documenting code. You can just as well use...
  3. Re: typedef cl_float4 cl_float3; cl_platform.h

    What do you mean?

    There's nothing wrong here, cl_float4 is just being given another name (maybe for the sake of readability?)
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    Re: Run-time error in clBuildProgram(-11)

    If you post the relevant source code we would probably be able to help you better.

    I had the same error yesterday and it turns out I was calling clBuildProgram with the wrong arguments (I wasn't...
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