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  1. Re: OMX-IL Video decoder: OMX_IndexParamVideoPortFormat

    If the client sets the OMX_PortDomainVideo index, then the nIndex field in the structure is ignored, and the components selects the eEncoding (or whatever is appropriate) value for the current mode. ...
  2. Re: OMX-IL Video decoder: OMX_IndexParamVideoPortFormat

    The idea is that it allows the component to support multiple formats - for example an encoder supporting multiple codecs. Looking at OMX_CONF_ParameterTest.c, it enumerates each supported format,...
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    Re: PortDisable

    I think the bEnabled field of the port definition structure should be changed in the context of the original call to disable the port. In this way, there is no race condition if the client should...
  4. Re: [OMX-IL] Outputting buffers with zero length

    I would expect that the component should not return the buffers. The reason is that the client may detect that the buffers are empty and so return them to the component for filling. This would then...
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