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    Re: Transparent textures issue

    Try this.

    Before rendering transparent stuffs:
    gl.colorMask(true, true, true, false);And restore the state just after:
    gl.colorMask(true, true, true, true);
    This fixed my problem with...
  2. Re: semi-transparency and background color

    Ok, my last trick was doing well with Firefox, but sucked with Chrome. It's a shame, I though I could sort it out just with initializations, but no. Just forget it.

    So, the only real thing to...
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    Re: shader attributes... always required?

    No, but this is only true at the geometry level. You have to batch your rendering to minize the number of bindings. I was talking about the fill-rate of fragment shaders.

    It is hard to tell,...
  4. Re: semi-transparency and background color

    This is not a "fire & forget" workout though. This completely disables alpha writing and there may be some circumstances where you NEED alpha values to be written in your operations, so you have to...
  5. Re: semi-transparency and background color

    Wow, just woke up and a light bulb was suddenly blinding me! I could not wait to turn on my computer and try:
    gl.colorMask(true, true, true, false);Dammit! It did the job :P Now I think about it, it...
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    Re: shader attributes... always required?

    Well, if your fragment shader does a texture lookup, how could it work if you don't give a texture and/or texture coordinates?

    You could add a test similar to:
    void main()
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    Re: texture opengl es 2.0

    AFAIK, OpenGL ES does not restrict the maximum dimensions of textures (however, it imposes a minimum of 64). It is up to the implementation and you can query it with:

  8. Re: semi-transparency and background color

    Nice point, but not exactly: that would imply only 2 arguments to the equation either way (which, at least, would not be that strange).

    But in fact, the webgl background (the framebuffer...
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    Re: fun with webgl

    Hey, nice work trying to explain interactively what the most weird & confusing (yet proven) theory of the human history is about ;)
  10. Re: semi-transparency and background color

    The problem is the same with Firefox and Chrome. I suspect a GPU driver bug as the blending pipeline is too critical to be done out of the GPU without dramatically slowing things anyway. I wonder how...
  11. Re: semi-transparency and background color

    Better than words: test
  12. semi-transparency and background color


    I load a PNG texture with an 8 bits alpha channel. Transparency pixels are ok: I can see what was in the framebuffer before I draw.

    But semi-transparent ones (0.0 < alpha < 1.0) are blended...
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