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  1. Re: OpenGL ES for iPhone - get my current 3d element position

    I didn't read your code, but have you noticed that in the orthographic mode, the dimension is in pixels? It looks like your code is then only 1 pixel, so you have to scale it...
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    Re: Vincent to support OpenGL ES 2.0 API?

    That would be great, its a bit hard to program for ogles 2 with a real device since it takes a lot of time to deploy it to the device instead to the emulator...
  3. Re: Are uniform values saved when switching shaders?

    Great, thanks a lot for that question!
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    Re: OpenGL ES2X on winCE

    I have something for Windows Mobile, based on .NET, are you interested? see and look for Tigre, it should work with WinCE too.
  5. Re: OpenGL ES for iPhone - get my current 3d element position

    Here you go:

    - you'll need a projection matrix P
    - you'll need a world to camera matrix C
    - for each element you'll need a element to world matrix M

    in opengles 1.x P was done with...
  6. Thread: Transformation

    by Phippu


    As I noted there's no support from Ogles 2.0 for all the required transformation matrices. I've written a ogles 1.x engine before, now I wan't to extend that engine so that it supports shaders too....
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