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  1. Re: OpenMAX IL 1.2 header doesn't compile: OMX_IVCommon.h

    For information, the corrected header file is now uploaded.
  2. Re: OpenMAX IL 1.2 vs. 1.1.2: backwards compatibility status

    The 1.2 version is neither ABI compatible nor source code compatible with the 1.1.2. Due to the amount of feedback received on 1.1.2, it was unfortunatly not possible to answer all needs without...
  3. Re: OpenMAX IL 1.2 header doesn't compile: OMX_IVCommon.h

    This error has been identified and corrected in our internal repository, but it seems the wrong version has been uploaded to the web-site. We will work on correcting this, and upload a new version...
  4. Re: OMX_COLOR_FormatYUV420SemiPlanar/YUV420Planar fourcc fmt


    This color format description seems to come from an old version of specification. The issue of U and V ordering should have been corrected in version 1.1.2 and later, which include the...
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