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  1. Re: OpenCL/OpenGL interop problem with textures on NVIDIA

    Try the 275.33 driver from NVIDIA. The latest driver, 280.26, crashes for all of our demos in OpenCL Studio, which use OpenGL interop. If you can live with OpenCL 1.0 for now then try the older...
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    clGetGLContextInfoKHR unresolved


    I just tried to use clGetGLContextInfoKHR and it turns out that I get an "unresolved external symbol" error. Is that function not supported yet? I am using the OpenCL.lib from the latest...
  3. Re: Creating context using multiple devices from openGL context

    I am just trying to achieve the exact same thing and I am stuck at the same place. I have two different cards in my system and they are both detected by a call to clGetDeviceIDs.

    My first...
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